Crippled spider with HALF its Legs SUPER FEISTY !!! 😳 #shorts

I couldn’t help but marvel at the incredible resilience of a spider I recently encountered. As I gazed upon the seemingly crippled creature, I was taken aback by its unwavering determination and undeniable feistiness. Despite only having half of its legs, this spider managed to defy expectations and display a remarkable tenacity that left me astonished. Join me as I share the inspiring tale of this extraordinary arachnid and delve into the fascinating world of nature’s indomitable spirit.


Wow, I had quite an interesting encounter with a spider the other day! I was going about my usual routine when I spotted a half-legged Huntsman spider on the floor. It immediately caught my attention, and curiosity got the best of me. I couldn’t help but observe its behavior closely. Little did I know, I was about to witness a remarkable display of strength and resilience.

Feeding my tarantula and decided to give roach to Huntsman:

I have a pet tarantula, and it was feeding time for her. As I reached for a roach to give her, I noticed the half-legged Huntsman spider only a few feet away. Despite its missing legs, the spider seemed to be eyeing the roach with intense focus. I couldn’t resist the urge to see what would happen if I offered it a meal.

Huntsman spider seems hungry:

With the roach in my hand, I cautiously approached the Huntsman spider. Surprisingly, it quickly responded to my presence, its eyes fixed on the food. Its hunger was quite evident, and I couldn’t help but admire its determination.

Huntsman spider is incredibly fast even with half its leg:

Before placing the roach down, I expected the Huntsman spider’s mobility to be hindered due to its missing legs. However, to my astonishment, it moved with incredible speed, almost like a sprinter in a race. The agility of this crippled spider was beyond impressive.

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Impressed by the spider’s speed and agility:

As I watched the half-legged Huntsman spider, I couldn’t help but be in awe of its remarkable speed and agility. It swiftly maneuvered across the floor, closing in on its prey with unwavering determination. The movements were so fluid, you would hardly notice its missing legs if you didn’t look closely.

Despite missing legs, it still captures its meal:

Even with only half the number of legs, this spider managed to capture its meal effortlessly. It pounced and swiftly immobilized the roach, displaying its hunting skills with precision. It was a sight to behold, witnessing nature’s resilience in action.

The spider’s abilities are remarkable:

It’s truly incredible to witness the adaptability and resourcefulness of creatures like the Huntsman spider. Despite its apparent physical disadvantage, it didn’t let that hinder its feeding process. This spider demonstrated that determination and drive are key factors for survival, even in the face of adversity.


Encountering the half-legged Huntsman spider was an eye-opening experience for me. It reminded me of the remarkable resilience and adaptability of nature’s creatures. This spider’s ability to hunt and capture its prey with such speed and precision, despite missing half of its legs, left me in awe. It serves as a reminder that overcoming obstacles is possible with a strong will and determination.


  1. How did the Huntsman spider lose half of its legs?
  2. Is it common for spiders to survive with missing legs?
  3. Can the half-legged Huntsman spider move as fast as its fully-legged counterparts?
  4. Are Huntsman spiders known for their agility and hunting skills?
  5. What other surprising behaviors have you witnessed in spiders?
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