Exchanged 20 Tarantulas for 4 JARS OF DIRT ๐Ÿ’€ #shorts

In this blog post, readers will delve into an intriguing tale where an individual discovered an unconventional bartering exchange. Delving into the peculiar realm of #shorts, he/she enthusiastically traded a collection of 20 tarantulas, each one an eight-legged wonder, only to find themselves in possession of four peculiar jars filled with ordinary dirt. Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind this curious exchange and uncover the unexpected story that lies beneath the surface.

Exchanged 20 Tarantulas for 4 JARS OF DIRT ๐Ÿ’€ #shorts


In a recent video by Exotics Lair, a well-known YouTube channel dedicated to the world of exotic pets, an intriguing trade takes place. The video titled “Exchanged 20 Tarantulas for 4 JARS OF DIRT” showcases an unconventional barter between the host and a fellow exotic pet enthusiast, Mr. Feet. This unique exchange piques the curiosity of viewers as they witness the trading of twenty Pterinopelma sazimai slings for four Ornithoctonus silver grey tarantulas, affectionately known as “pet holes.”

The Trade: A Unique Proposition

The trade itself raises eyebrows and sparks interest, as exchanging tarantulas for jars of dirt seems puzzling at first glance. However, the explanation behind this unusual barter becomes clearer throughout the video. The host, who already possesses a significant number of Pterinopelma sazimai slings, saw an opportunity to diversify their tarantula collection by acquiring four new species from Mr. Feet.

Unbeknownst to some, tarantula enthusiasts appreciate the beauty and uniqueness that “pet holes” possess, despite their tendency to stay hidden inside burrows. This trait offers a glimpse into the mystery and allure of these intriguing creatures, making them valuable additions to any arachnid lover’s collection. The trade, therefore, presented an exciting chance for the host to explore different tarantula species while providing Mr. Feet with the sought-after Pterinopelma sazimai slings.

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The Happy Trade: A Win-Win Deal

Upon receiving the four Ornithoctonus silver grey tarantulas, the host confirms that all four are indeed female, adding another layer of excitement to the trade. It is worth mentioning that identifying the gender of tarantulas can be a challenging task, which makes the confirmation even more satisfying. The host expresses their contentment with the deal, considering it a successful trade that benefited both parties involved.

Showcasing the Acquired Tarantulas

The video showcases the four new additions to the host’s tarantula collection. The footage vividly captures the unique patterns and colors of the Ornithoctonus silver grey tarantulas, highlighting their beauty. Despite being pet holes, these creatures possess a certain charm that tarantula enthusiasts appreciate. Viewers are treated to close-ups of the spiders, immortalized in high-quality video, allowing them to admire the intricate details of their exoskeletons.


  1. Q: Why exchange tarantulas for jars of dirt?
    A: The trade between Exotics Lair and Mr. Feet involved exchanging tarantulas for four Ornithoctonus silver grey tarantulas, also known as “pet holes.” This unique barter allowed the host to diversify their tarantula collection, adding four new species to their repertoire.

  2. Q: Were the traded tarantulas confirmed as female?
    A: Yes, all four Ornithoctonus silver grey tarantulas received in exchange for the Pterinopelma sazimai slings were confirmed as female. This confirmation adds further value to the trade since determining the gender of tarantulas can be challenging.

  3. Q: Why would anyone want “pet holes” as tarantulas?
    A: While “pet holes” may not be as interactive as other tarantula species, they possess a captivating mystique due to their tendency to create burrows and stay hidden. Their unique behavior and allure make them desirable for tarantula enthusiasts looking to diversify their collection.

  4. Q: How did the video showcase the newly acquired tarantulas?
    A: The video provides viewers with close-up footage of the four Ornithoctonus silver grey tarantulas, capturing their intricate patterns and colors. The high-quality visuals allow enthusiasts to appreciate the beauty of these “pet holes.”

  5. Q: Was the trade considered successful?
    A: The trade between Exotics Lair and Mr. Feet was deemed successful by the host. Acquiring four new tarantula species while trading excess Pterinopelma sazimai slings fulfilled the host’s aim of diversifying their tarantula collection.



Exotics Lair’s video “Exchanged 20 Tarantulas for 4 JARS OF DIRT” showcases a unique barter that challenges conventional expectations. Through the trade with Mr. Feet, the host successfully acquired four Ornithoctonus silver grey tarantulas, expanding their tarantula collection and diversifying their species portfolio. Despite the tarantulas’ reputation as “pet holes,” their captivating beauty and mysterious behavior continue to fascinate arachnid enthusiasts worldwide. This trade serves as a testament to the ever-evolving and unconventional nature of the exotic pet world.

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