In an exciting turn of events, he/she has recently become the proud owner of a captivating new purple tarantula. With sheer enthusiasm, they are ecstatic to share this thrilling update with you. It’s time to embrace the adventure ahead and dive into the world of this vibrant arachnid.


In the world of exotic pets, there are few creatures as mysterious and fascinating as the tarantula. These eight-legged wonders captivate the imaginations of both seasoned enthusiasts and curious onlookers alike. Recently, the YouTube channel Exotics Lair released a video titled “GUESS WHO GOT A NEW PURPLE TARANTULAAA !!!! 🤩 It’s me xD,” which showcases the acquisition of a unique and stunning tarantula species known as Avicularia Peru Purple. In this article, we will explore the highlights of this video, including the creator’s social media presence, the educational and entertainment aspects of the content, the setup and maintenance of the tarantula’s enclosure, and the excitement surrounding this awe-inspiring creature.

The Video and the Creator

Exotics Lair’s YouTube video titled “GUESS WHO GOT A NEW PURPLE TARANTULAAA !!!! 🤩 It’s me xD” offers viewers a glimpse into the world of tarantula enthusiasts. The creator, who remains unnamed but goes by the moniker Exotics Lair, introduces the Avicularia Peru Purple tarantula to their audience with an infectious enthusiasm.

Social Media Presence

Exotics Lair is not limited to just YouTube; the creator has expanded their online presence to various social media platforms. Fans of the channel have the opportunity to connect with Exotics Lair through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Patreon. This broad reach allows the creator to engage with their audience on multiple platforms, catering to diverse preferences and fostering a sense of community among tarantula enthusiasts.

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The Educational and Entertainment Aspects

One aspect highlighted in the video is the educational value it offers. Exotics Lair emphasizes the importance of research and understanding tarantula care before bringing these creatures into one’s home. This educational focus sets the video apart from mere entertainment, providing viewers with valuable knowledge about tarantula husbandry.

The video also incorporates elements of entertainment. Exotics Lair shares their personal experience and excitement surrounding the acquisition of the Avicularia Peru Purple tarantula. The creator’s genuine enthusiasm piques viewers’ curiosity and keeps them engaged throughout the video.

Setting up the Enclosure and Maintaining Humidity

Exotics Lair goes into detail regarding the setup of the tarantula’s enclosure. The creator demonstrates how to create an ideal environment for the Avicularia Peru Purple tarantula, including considerations for substrate, hiding spots, and ventilation. They stress the importance of maintaining suitable humidity levels to ensure the tarantula’s well-being.

Introducing the Tarantula to its New Home

The video captures the moment of introduction as Exotics Lair gently places the Avicularia Peru Purple tarantula into its new enclosure. Viewers witness the tarantula exploring its surroundings and adapting to its new environment. This segment showcases the tarantula’s beauty and captures the delicate balance between the excitement of acquiring a new pet and the responsibility of providing a safe and comfortable habitat.

The Tarantula’s Appearance and Cost

Exotics Lair expresses their elation at the appearance of the Avicularia Peru Purple tarantula. The vibrant purple coloration of this species is truly captivating, and the creator’s excitement shines through as they marvel at this wondrous creature. In closing, Exotics Lair reveals that they purchased the tarantula for $100, further reinforcing the uniqueness and desirability of this particular species among tarantula enthusiasts.

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Exotics Lair’s video, “GUESS WHO GOT A NEW PURPLE TARANTULAAA !!!! 🤩 It’s me xD,” offers viewers a captivating glimpse into the world of tarantulas. Through their infectious enthusiasm, the creator shares valuable knowledge about tarantula husbandry and provides entertainment through their personal experience. The video showcases the steps involved in setting up an enclosure for the Avicularia Peru Purple tarantula, emphasizing the importance of maintaining proper humidity levels. Overall, Exotics Lair’s video exemplifies the passion and dedication of tarantula enthusiasts, leaving viewers both informed and inspired to embark on their own arachnid adventures.


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