I just SAVED this TARANTULA’s life (I hope) !!! 👼🏼 #shorts

By rescuing a tarantula, they hope to have saved its life. Read on to discover their heartwarming tale in the latest blog post. #shorts

I just SAVED this TARANTULA’s life (I hope) !!! 👼🏼 #shorts


In the world of exotic pets, tarantulas often strike a chord of curiosity and fear in many individuals. However, for Exotics Lair, a renowned YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing these eight-legged wonders, the recent video featuring a Green Bottle Blue tarantula’s dilemma brings a tale of compassion and bravery to the forefront.

The Dilemma: A Stuck Abdomen

As the camera pans onto the Green Bottle Blue tarantula, viewers are immediately drawn to the subtle nuances of its recent molt. The individual behind the camera, with a keen eye for detail, notices a concerning issue – the tarantula’s abdomen is stuck to the previous molt.

The Decision to Assist

Quick thinking and empathy guide the individual to take action. Understanding the importance of aiding the tarantula before complications arise, they delicately decide to assist the arachnid by gently removing the stuck portion. It’s a moment where compassion meets courage in the world of exotic pet care.

The Crucial Timing

Timing is everything, especially in moments like these. It becomes apparent that removing the stuck part before it dries up is crucial for the tarantula’s well-being. The individual’s actions could potentially make a life-saving difference for their eight-legged companion.

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A Successful Rescue

With great care and precision, the intervention proves successful. The tarantula, post-assistance, exhibits signs of relief and recovery. A moment of triumph unfolds as the arachnid begins to navigate its enclosure, seemingly unburdened by the recent ordeal.

The Defense Mechanism: Kicking Hairs

As the on-screen narrative continues, viewers catch a glimpse of the tarantula showcasing its defensive instincts – kicking hairs as a preemptive defense mechanism. It’s a natural behavior for tarantulas, a subtle reminder of the wild instincts that lie beneath their exotic allure.

A Potentially Life-Saving Act

In hindsight, the individual’s keen observation and proactive intervention prove to be more than just an act of kindness. Noticing the issue in time potentially saved the tarantula’s life, showcasing the profound impact that human care and attentiveness can have on these fascinating creatures.


As the video comes to a close, viewers are left with a sense of awe at the resilience of the Green Bottle Blue tarantula and the unwavering dedication of its caretaker. It serves as a poignant reminder that in the world of exotic pets, a moment of compassion can truly make a life-saving difference.

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