I stole my Snake’s eggs WHILE SHE WAS LAYING?!! I’m so sorry 🙏🏼

Have you ever accidentally taken your snake’s eggs while she was in the process of laying them? Let’s talk about what happened and the steps you can take to make amends.


So, you made a hilarious mistake while filming a video with your Ball Python, Elvira. In the midst of capturing some educational and entertaining content, you found yourself facing a surprising, yet crucial moment: Elvira laid eggs right before your eyes. Panic set in as you realized you had unintentionally interrupted a highly personal and significant process for your snake.

The Unintended Theft

As you enthusiastically monitored Elvira for potential behavior to showcase in your video, you noticed her engagement with a corner of her enclosure. Little did you expect her to be laying eggs! The shock of the situation made you momentarily forget the boundaries between personal space and content creation.

A Lesson in Responsibly Interacting with Your Pet

  • Respecting Natural Processes: Witnessing Elvira laying five healthy eggs reminded you of the need to respect her natural instincts, even during seemingly mundane activities like filming videos for your audience.
  • Collecting the Eggs: Despite Elvira’s defensive stance when you approached the eggs, you carefully separated and weighed them before conscientiously placing them in vermiculite for incubation.

The Egg Fiasco

  • Handling the Unexpected: Just when you thought the ordeal was over, Elvira shyly revealed one more egg, compelling you to seek a larger container to accommodate the unexpected addition to the clutch.
  • Navigating Temperature Troubles: Inconsistencies in temperature regulation within Elvira’s enclosure prompted a quick decision to transfer the eggs to the incubator, ensuring a stable environment for their development.
  • Incubation Situation: Currently, you have two clutches of Ball Python eggs, comprising six in total, carefully incubating at a precise 31°C, awaiting the miraculous moment when new life emerges.
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In conclusion, the unintentional theft of Elvira’s eggs served as a humbling reminder of the delicate balance between sharing pet experiences online and respecting the privacy and needs of our animal companions. This invaluable lesson has undoubtedly enriched your understanding of responsible pet ownership and the importance of allowing nature to take its course, even if it means admitting to unintentional mishaps.


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