I wonder why people call me A WEIRDO?? (Sorry for those eating) πŸ’© #shorts

The individual in question contemplates the reason behind being labeled as a “weirdo” by others, sparking curiosity about societal perceptions.


In the vast realm of social media, where quirky content rules supreme, a particular video has recently sent waves of shock, amusement, and intrigue across the internet. Titled “I wonder why people call me A WEIRDO?? (Sorry for those eating) πŸ’© #shorts,” this video, created by Exotics Lair, captures a peculiar yet oddly captivating moment involving a green tree python and its natural bodily functions. As the person behind the camera witnesses their green tree python defecating for the first time, a series of events unfold that both astound and entertain viewers.

Witnessing the Unseen

As the video begins, viewers are introduced to the main protagonist of this unusual tale – a majestic green tree python in the midst of shedding its skin. However, what follows next takes an unexpected turn as the snake decides it’s the perfect moment to relieve itself, much to the bewilderment of its human audience.

Upon noticing the snake’s intention, the person behind the camera finds the situation strangely amusing and decides to document this rare occurrence. Filming through the glass tank, the viewer gets a front-row seat to the unexpected spectacle of a snake defecating – a sight rarely seen in the world of exotic pet ownership.

A Shy Performer

As the green tree python goes about its business, a noticeable shift in demeanor can be observed. The snake, typically known for its elegance and poise, appears surprisingly shy and reserved during this vulnerable moment. With a sense of modesty, the snake discreetly moves away to a secluded spot in the tank to carry out its private deed.

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A Comedic Plot Twist

In a humorous twist of fate, the green tree python, perhaps seeking a bit of privacy, drops its feces at the back of the tank, much to the surprise and amusement of the onlooker. The person’s initial reaction to witnessing their snake defecate for the first time is a mix of disbelief, surprise, and unapologetic laughter at the absurdity of the situation.


In a world filled with curated perfection and carefully crafted images, the raw and unfiltered moments captured in Exotics Lair’s video serve as a refreshing reminder of the unpredictable nature of life with exotic pets. Through a blend of shock, humor, and fascination, viewers are treated to a glimpse into the often unseen and overlooked aspects of caring for these captivating creatures.

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