My babies are growing so fast !!! 👶🏼 #shorts

Their babies are growing so fast! In this blog post, he/she will share some fascinating insights and tips on parenthood. From the joyful moments to the sleepless nights, join his/her journey as he/she navigates the beautiful chaos of raising little ones.

My babies are growing so fast !!! 👶🏼 #shorts


In a recent video created by Exotics Lair, viewers were treated to a mesmerizing sight as many tarantulas and a Green Tree Python molted. The video showcased the incredible growth and development of these creatures, highlighting their unique characteristics and the narrator’s commitment to their care and well-being. This article will delve into the fascinating world of Exotics Lair and provide a review of this engaging video.

Many tarantulas and the Green Tree Python molted today

The video starts off with the narrator excitedly mentioning the molt of many tarantulas in their collection. This process is a significant milestone in the life of a tarantula, as it signifies growth and development. The narrator specifically mentions a lodora parahabana and a be P. as some of the tarantulas that molted. The video showcases these creatures emerging from their old exoskeletons, displaying their vibrant colors and increased size.

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Cleaning off mushroom spores from the enclosures

During the video, the narrator addresses the issue of mushroom spores in the tarantula enclosures. They mention taking the necessary steps to clean these spores off to ensure the health and well-being of their creatures. This attention to detail and dedication to maintaining a clean and safe environment for the tarantulas demonstrates the narrator’s commitment to responsible pet ownership.

Tarantulas in burrows and sealed off burrows

Another captivating aspect of the video is the presence of tarantulas in burrows. The narrator showcases a tarantula comfortably nestled in a burrow, highlighting their natural behavior. Additionally, they mention another tarantula with a sealed off burrow, indicating a potential molt in the near future. These glimpses into the tarantulas’ habitats provide valuable insight into their unique traits and preferences.

Davis panales and its prolonged fasting

One of the tarantulas in the video, a Davis panales, has been fasting for a considerable amount of time. The narrator addresses this situation, explaining that this behavior is not uncommon for tarantulas and often occurs during certain stages of their lifecycle. This insight into tarantula behavior adds depth to the video and enhances the viewers’ understanding of these fascinating creatures.

Purple tree spider with a leg amputation

Unfortunately, the video showcases a purple tree spider with a leg amputation. Despite this injury, the spider remains resilient and continues to thrive in its enclosure. The narrator acknowledges the spider’s determination and resilience, highlighting the adaptability of these creatures. This serves as a reminder that animals, much like humans, can overcome challenges and lead fulfilling lives despite their setbacks.

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Green Tree Python changing skin color

The video also features a Green Tree Python going through a rapid color change. The narrator notes that the python’s skin is transitioning from yellow to green, a transformation that is both captivating and beautiful. This observation demonstrates the narrator’s keen eye for detail and their ability to pick up on subtle changes in their reptile’s appearance.

Reassurance about the python’s enclosure size

Amidst the stunning visuals and captivating narratives, the narrator takes a moment to address any concerns viewers may have regarding the size of the Green Tree Python’s enclosure. They reassure the audience that, at least for now, the enclosure is not too small for the python. This transparency and willingness to address potential concerns reflect the narrator’s commitment to providing the best possible care for their animals.


The video created by Exotics Lair offers a delightful glimpse into the world of reptiles and tarantulas. It showcases the growth, development, and unique characteristics of these creatures, all while providing valuable insights into their care and well-being. The narrator’s passion for their pets shines through, making it an engaging and fulfilling viewing experience for reptile enthusiasts.


  1. Are tarantulas commonly seen molting in captivity?
  • Yes, molting is a natural and common occurrence for tarantulas kept in captivity. It signifies their growth and development.
  1. Do tarantulas require specific care during the molting process?
  • Tarantulas should be provided with a quiet and stress-free environment during the molting process. It is essential to ensure proper humidity levels and a suitable hiding spot for them to molt comfortably.
  1. How often do Green Tree Pythons change their skin color?
  • Green Tree Pythons may change skin color multiple times throughout their lives. These color changes can occur due to various factors, including temperature, humidity, and emotional state.
  1. Can tarantulas survive with a missing leg?
  • Tarantulas can survive with missing legs. They have the ability to regenerate lost limbs partially, and their overall quality of life is not significantly impacted.
  1. What size should a Green Tree Python’s enclosure be?
  • Green Tree Pythons require spacious enclosures to accommodate their arboreal nature. It is essential to provide a vertically-oriented enclosure with ample climbing opportunities and adequate space for the python to move around comfortably.
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