My Hognose Snake HATES ME and LOVES HER previous owner. 🐍 #shorts

As animal lovers and dedicated snake enthusiasts, we are eager to share a unique story with you today. Our cherished Hognose Snake has a complex relationship with us – she simply hates us but adores her previous owner. Let’s dive into the fascinating journey of our beloved snake! 🐍 #shorts

My Hognose Snake HATES ME and LOVES HER previous owner. 🐍


Have you ever experienced the heart-wrenching feeling of your pet preferring someone else over you? Well, that’s precisely the predicament we find ourselves in with our hognose snake. Maddie, our adorable hognose, seems to have a strong attachment to her previous owner, making us feel like we’re second best. Join us on this rollercoaster ride as we navigate the complexities of pet ownership, love, and the undeniable favoritism of a snake.

Getting Maddie Home

When Maddie first slithered into our lives, we were ecstatic. However, little did we know that her heart belonged elsewhere. Despite our best efforts to make her feel at home, Maddie refused to eat. We tried various methods to entice her, but she remained indifferent. It was disheartening to see her turn away from our offerings, only to later learn that she eats when she goes back “home.”

Dining Preferences

Curiously enough, we discovered that Maddie had a particular dining preference. To our amazement, she devoured her meals instantly in the same enclosure she arrived in. The snake’s comfort with her previous surroundings shed light on her peculiar behavior. It seemed that the familiarity of her old setting played a pivotal role in her dining habits. We realized that Maddie was more comfortable eating in the living room rather than the designated snake room.

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Enclosure Conundrum

Snakes, as we learned, have their quirks when it comes to enclosures. While they may prefer smaller spaces for security reasons when not eating, their dining preferences can vary significantly. In Maddie’s case, she exhibited a strong preference for a specific setup resembling her previous owner’s enclosure. Our challenge now is to replicate that environment in her new space, complete with a cozy hide for added comfort. Fingers crossed that Maddie will soon adjust and feel at ease in her new home.

Progress and Updates

As we continue to observe Maddie’s behavior and feeding patterns, we remain optimistic about her eventual transition. We hope that with time and patience, she will come to see us as her trusted caregivers and source of nourishment. Our journey with Maddie is just beginning, and we are determined to provide her with the love and care she deserves. Stay tuned for updates on her progress as we strive to build a strong bond with our beloved hognose snake.


In conclusion, navigating the dynamics of pet ownership can be challenging, especially when faced with unexpected preferences and attachments. Maddie’s unwavering loyalty to her previous owner serves as a reminder of the unique relationships we share with our animal companions. Through patience, understanding, and a willingness to adapt, we hope to forge a deep and meaningful connection with our beloved snake.


  1. Why does Maddie prefer her previous owner over us?
  2. How did Maddie’s dining preferences influence her feeding habits?
  3. What steps are we taking to help Maddie adjust to her new enclosure?
  4. Will Maddie eventually warm up to us and see us as her primary caregivers?
  5. How important is it to replicate Maddie’s previous environment for her comfort and well-being?
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