My wallet CRIES from Buying Tarantulas ~ MOST I’VE SPENT IN A DAY !!! 🥲

His wallet screams in agony as he indulges in the peculiar hobby of purchasing tarantulas, leaving him with a hefty bill to pay. This dedicated enthusiast has experienced the most extravagant spending spree of his life, reveling in the world of eight-legged creatures. Join him on his thrilling journey as he navigates the highs and lows of his captivating obsession.


In a recent video created by Exotics Lair, he takes us on a thrilling adventure as he embarks on a two-hour drive to acquire a considerable number of tarantulas. Little did he know that this trip would drain his wallet like never before. With a combination of excitement and a hint of regret, Exotics Lair shares his experience in this captivating video that has left his viewers in awe.

Heading 1: The Expensive Expedition

Sub-heading: A Pricey Passion

Exotics Lair, known for his deep love for arachnids, took his passion to the next level by investing a significant amount of money in his latest tarantula haul. It is not uncommon for enthusiasts to spend a considerable sum on their hobbies, but this expedition pushed Exotics Lair’s wallet to its limits. The sheer number of tarantulas he collected during this adventure left him in awe but also made his wallet cry.

Sub-heading: Amazon-like Arrangements

Once Exotics Lair arrived back home with his precious cargo, he meticulously arranged each tarantula in their enclosures. Watching him meticulously place and decorate each home for his new eight-legged friends was a sight to behold. With his keen eye for detail, he ensured that each tarantula had a suitable environment to thrive in.

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Heading 2: Future Plans and Discoveries

Sub-heading: Individual Videos on Each Tarantula

Exotics Lair, always thinking ahead, revealed his plans to create individual videos for each tarantula he collected. This exciting announcement sent fans into a frenzy, eagerly anticipating the in-depth exploration of these fascinating creatures. From their characteristics to their preferred habitats, viewers can look forward to a wealth of information about these tarantulas in the near future.

Sub-heading: Enclosure Selection

As Exotics Lair showcased his newly acquired tarantulas, a few stood out due to their unique enclosures. Exo Terra enclosures, known for their exceptional quality and durability, housed some of the precious spiders. This choice not only ensured the safety and comfort of the tarantulas but also added an aesthetically pleasing touch to their living spaces.

Sub-heading: Redecorating with a Twist

During his tarantula adventure, Exotics Lair received a pamphlet from an individual. Rather than simply accepting it at face value, he decided to put his own creative spin on it. Putting his artistic skills to the test, he redecorated the pamphlet with personalized touches, incorporating his own tarantula-themed designs. This unexpected and imaginative twist showcased Exotics Lair’s unique flair and attention to detail.

Heading 3: A Glimpse into Exotics Lair’s Tarantula Collection

Sub-heading: The Black BTS Tarantula Pair

One of the standout additions to Exotics Lair’s collection is a male and female black BTS tarantula. These rare creatures are highly sought after by enthusiasts due to their striking appearance and unique behaviors. Exotics Lair’s acquisition of this pair generated excitement among his viewers, who are eager to witness the potential breeding and fascinating dynamics of these tarantulas.

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Sub-heading: Rehousing Considerations

With a sizable number of tarantulas in his collection, Exotics Lair is faced with the decision of whether to rehouse one or two of the tarantulas. This careful consideration stems from his desire to ensure the well-being and overall happiness of his eight-legged friends. Exotics Lair’s meticulous approach to their care demonstrates his dedication to providing the best living conditions for each tarantula.


Exotics Lair’s adventure to acquire a large number of tarantulas left his wallet significantly lighter. However, the joy and excitement of adding these captivating creatures to his collection far outweigh any financial concerns. With future plans to showcase each tarantula in individual videos, Exotics Lair continues to educate and entertain his audience, leaving them eagerly awaiting the next installment. As his collection grows and his passion remains strong, Exotics Lair’s journey in the world of tarantulas is one that captivates and inspires viewers worldwide.

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