No manners Monkey POOPED in my fish !!! 🀒 #shorts

Welcome to our latest blog post where we share a rather unusual encounter with a monkey that decided to leave a rather unpleasant surprise in our fish tank. Join us as we recount the shocking and somewhat humorous incident that left us all in disbelief. πŸ’πŸ’© #shorts


We were in for a shock the other day when our usual day of filming took an unexpected turn. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that a mischievous monkey had taken the liberty of relieving itself right in our fish pot! Let us walk you through the chaotic scene and how it unfolded.

The Unwelcome Surprise

As we set up our cameras for another day of shooting, we noticed some commotion near the fish pot. Taking a closer look, we found out that a monkey had made its way over and left a smelly surprise for us. Our initial shock quickly turned into disbelief at the audacity of the monkey.

  • The sight of the monkey’s deed left us speechless.πŸ™Š
  • It was quite the unexpected plot twist in our filming day.πŸ’

Disgust and Disappointment

The sight of the monkey’s lack of manners left us disgusted and disappointed by its actions. We couldn’t believe that such a playful creature could be so impolite in our space.

  • The stench was overwhelming, to say the least.🀒
  • We couldn’t fathom how the monkey thought it was an appropriate spot for its business.πŸ€”

Monkey Business in the Wild

Monkeys are known for their mischievous antics, and spotting them near the bush, munching on fruits, is quite a common sight. However, we never expected to be a part of their wild escapades in such a personal manner.

  • Witnessing monkeys running across wires fertilizing plants was one thing, but this was a whole new level.🌿
  • The incident made us rethink our interactions with these fascinating yet unpredictable creatures.🐡

Taking Action

After much contemplation, we made a collective decision to bid farewell to our fish pot. The monkey’s actions had tainted the space, and we couldn’t bear to see our beloved mollies swimming in such an environment.

  • It was a tough choice, but we knew it was the right decision for the well-being of our aquatic friends.🐠
  • We’ve learned to be more cautious around our furry neighbors, ensuring such mishaps don’t repeat themselves.🚷


In the end, the unexpected encounter with the monkey served as a reminder of the delicate balance of nature and the importance of respecting each other’s spaces. While the incident was unpleasant, it gave us a humorous anecdote to share with others and a lesson in dealing with unexpected surprises.


  1. Did the monkey show any signs of regret after pooping in the fish pot?
  2. How did the mollies react to the presence of the monkey in their space?
  3. Have you encountered similar incidents with wildlife while filming in nature?
  4. Will you be taking any precautions to prevent such incidents in the future?
  5. How did the presence of the monkey impact the overall filming experience?