The Spiderman song! πŸ•· Sunflower- Post Malone 🌻 Cute cover by The Moonies Official

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Hii, Sunnies πŸ’•

You know we love Spider-man movies, he’s our favorite superhero! πŸ•·β€οΈ So… we’ve made our own version of ‘Sunflowers’ by Post Malone! This song was part of the soundtrack of the movie ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’. Oh how we wish we had the same superpowers as Spider-man and could jump from building to building on the moon! Hihihi πŸ™πŸŒ

Tell us in the comments who your favorite superhero is, sunnies!

‘The Moonies’ is the coolest 3D show that is becoming trendy all over the world – While you are in the university cafeteria, waiting for the bus to go to work or just chilling at home, you can listen to our tunes and enjoy and explore the funniest cover versions of the most popular songs nowadays.

Years ago, an astronaut came to the moon, the place where The Moonies live, and left a strange device behind… a radio!
By chance, The Moonies managed to make it work and suddenly, many songs started playing from planet Earth! Since then, we spent the day singing and dancing all the hits of the Earth planet among the craters of the moon.
And our favorite part: Our songs are parodies of the most popular songs, but the Moonies don’t know how to curse – so we have replaced those bits with funny parts instead.

And remember, the Moonies is much larger than YouTube – we have merchandise you can take with you to your university campus, place of work or even just to wear at home on a sunday morning – you can also listen to us on Spotify and interact with us on TikTok, Twitter and Facebook – And of course, we always read all your comments in our YouTube Channel, so keep commenting πŸ™‚

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A new song is released (almostπŸ™ˆ) every Saturday! πŸ’•


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