What’s up with this Tarantula?? How’s Stella?? 🤔 #shorts

Inquisitively pondering the peculiarities of this arachnid wonder, one may find themselves questioning, “What’s up with this Tarantula?” Curiosity piqued, thoughts naturally turn towards Stella, the enigmatic subject of interest. Intrigued by her mysterious allure, the allure of Stella remains, inviting further exploration and understanding.

What’s up with this Tarantula?? How’s Stella?? 🤔


In the world of YouTube, one can stumble upon a wide range of intriguing and captivating content. From educational videos to entertaining skits, the platform offers something for everyone. One such channel that has caught the attention of many arachnid enthusiasts is Exotics Lair. Known for their informative and visually stunning videos, Exotics Lair takes viewers into the fascinating world of tarantulas. In this review, we will delve into one of their recent videos titled “What’s up with this Tarantula?? How’s Stella??” and explore the curious tale of Stella, a tarantula with a stuck leg.

The Video Shows a Tarantula with a Stuck Leg

As viewers press play, they are immediately immersed in a world of intense curiosity. The video showcases a stunning tarantula named Stella, who happens to have a leg struggling with an unfortunate situation – it appears to be stuck. Concerned and captivated by this peculiar sight, the narrator takes on the role of a compassionate observer.

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The Narrator Notices the Leg and Decides to Help

With a keen eye for detail, the narrator’s attention is drawn to Stella’s unfortunate predicament. Showing both empathy and a desire to assist the distressed arachnid, the narrator firmly states his intention to lend a helping hand. The audience is instantly hooked as they await the unfolding of this intriguing display of compassion.

The Narrator Gives an Update on Stella, the Tarantula

As the video progresses, the narrator provides viewers with a much-anticipated update on Stella’s wellbeing. In a voice dripping with both excitement and gentle concern, the narrator shares that Stella is still doing well despite her compromised leg. This satisfying news serves to further engage the audience as they grow increasingly invested in Stella’s journey.

Stella is Still Full from Her Last Meal

One cannot help but wonder if Stella’s leg trouble has affected her appetite. Fortunately, the narrator puts this question to rest by revealing that Stella is, in fact, still full from her previous meal. This fascinating detail solidifies the audience’s connection with the spider, as they realize that even creatures as seemingly distant as tarantulas have basic needs and habits that mirror their own.

The Narrator Has Not Fed Stella Since Then

Building on the previous point, the narrator shares that Stella has not been fed since the leg incident occurred. This deliberate choice serves to ensure that Stella’s abdomen remains full and provides her with the necessary sustenance during her recovery process. The narrator’s thoughtfulness and dedication to Stella’s wellbeing only heighten the audience’s admiration for both the tarantula and the caring narrator.

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Stella’s Abdomen is Still Plump, So She is Not Dehydrated or Hungry

Addressing concerns that may arise in viewers’ minds, the narrator reassures them that Stella’s plump abdomen is a positive sign. This observation indicates that Stella is neither dehydrated nor hungry, reaffirming the audience’s trust in the narrator’s expertise and care for their eight-legged friend.


In the world of YouTube, Exotics Lair stands out as a channel that not only educates but also captivates its viewers. With their video “What’s up with this Tarantula?? How’s Stella??” they have managed to convert a simple tarantula with a stuck leg into a captivating story of compassion and wonder. Through their careful attention to detail and genuine concern for Stella’s wellbeing, Exotics Lair has solidified their position as a channel that shines a light on the intricacies of the natural world.


  1. Q: Will Stella’s leg ever heal fully?
    A: While it is uncertain if Stella’s leg will completely heal, the narrator’s dedication and the tarantula’s resilience hint at a positive outcome.

  2. Q: How long will it take for Stella’s leg to get back to normal?
    A: Recovery times for tarantulas can vary, but with the care and attention provided by the narrator, Stella could be on her way to a full recovery sooner than expected.

  3. Q: What caused Stella’s leg to get stuck in the first place?
    A: The exact cause of Stella’s leg getting stuck is unknown, but it serves as a reminder that even the most delicate creatures can face unexpected obstacles in their daily lives.

  4. Q: Are tarantulas prone to leg injuries?
    A: While leg injuries can occur in tarantulas, they are relatively resilient creatures and have the ability to regrow lost or damaged limbs over time.

  5. Q: Will Stella be able to move around normally once her leg is no longer stuck?
    A: Tarantulas are incredibly adaptable creatures, and once Stella’s leg is free from its current predicament, she is likely to resume her normal movements with ease and grace.

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