Why OBTs get a BAD REPUTATION .. 😡 #shorts ~ [they’re not that bad]

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Exotics Lair: Debunking the Bad Reputation of OBTs


Hey there, folks! I’m here today to talk about an intriguing video I recently stumbled upon from Exotics Lair. Now, for those who aren’t in the know, the Orange Baboon Tarantulas, commonly referred to as OBTs, have garnered quite a reputation in the arachnid-loving community. Many believe these eight-legged creatures are nothing short of nightmares—terrifying and aggressive. But hang tight! We are about to dive into how these misunderstood creatures are not as menacing as they are made out to be.

The OBT Duo

In this video by Exotics Lair, we are introduced to not one but two Orange Baboon Tarantulas. It’s been a while since I last showcased an OBT, so watching this footage got me excited. What’s fascinating is that these OBTs featured come with distinct personalities, showcasing a wide array of behaviors that challenge the stereotypes associated with them.

Diverse Personalities

One of the OBTs depicted in the video appears surprisingly calm, contrary to the general perception of these creatures being aggressive. On the other hand, the second OBT exudes a more energetic vibe, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. These tarantulas are like night and day, emphasizing the diverse personalities that exist within this species.

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The Video Revelation

The cornerstone of this video lies in highlighting the stark differences in behavior between the two OBTs. Though belonging to the same species, they exhibit behaviors that are poles apart, showcasing a side of these arachnids that many wouldn’t expect. Seeing both tarantulas side by side helps break the stereotype surrounding OBTs, providing viewers with a fresh perspective on these creatures.

The Deeper Dive

Here are a few key takeaways from the video that challenge the common misconceptions about OBTs:

  • OBTs, despite their reputation, can display calm and energetic behaviors.
  • Their distinct traits and personalities make them fascinating creatures to observe.
  • Understanding the nuances of their behavior can help demystify the fear surrounding them.


So, there you have it! The video by Exotics Lair sheds light on the true nature of Orange Baboon Tarantulas, debunking the myths and misconceptions that have plagued these creatures for so long. Perhaps it’s time we give these fascinating arachnids the credit they deserve, acknowledging their individuality and unique traits.


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