10 Biggest Spiders Ever Encountered!

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From the biggest spiders to have ever existed to an unfortunate employee bitten twice in his private parts by a giant spider in Australia, here are 10 of the biggest spiders ever!

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10: The Giant Toilet Huntsman
First on our list of the biggest spiders ever is an enormous huntsman spider that was living in a family’s bathroom only to emerge each time someone used the toilet. This is a pretty frightening guest to have living behind your toilet bowl.

9: Goliath Bird-Eating Spider
We have a lot of stories to talk about today, but first I want to mention the biggest of all the spiders. The largest known spider in the world is the male goliath bird-eating spider. The species is found in the rainforest of South America, mostly in French Guiana, Guyana, and Surinam – but they have also been found in Venezuela and Brazil.

8: Giant Imported Spiders
This is probably a story that not many people are interested in hearing. But one of the biggest spiders ever, and definitely one of the scariest, is making its way to a city near you! It’s called the Joro spider, and it’s traditionally found mostly in Japan, Korea, and China.

7: Human-Sized Web
Probably the last thing you want to see in the middle of your hiking trail is a spider web large enough to catch a fully grown person. However, it’s more likely to happen than you may know, especially if you live in Missouri where this enormous spider web was found just recently in 2020.

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6: Raining Spiders
This story is actually so terrifying that it needed to be added to the list. These may not be the biggest spiders in the world, but they are definitely the most terrifying. The story comes to us from Brazil, where a horrifying incident in 2019 had spiders raining from the sky.

5: Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater
The second largest spider in the world is the Brazilian salmon pink bird-eating tarantula. It’s nearly as big as the goliath, but it has a leg span of only 10 inches rather than 12 inches. You might even say these spiders are a little more interesting.

4: Biggest Funnel Web Spider
The biggest funnel web spider in the world has been found in Australia. This happened back in 2020, and according to a report from ABC News, the ridiculously massive funnel web spider was actually handed in to The Australian Reptile Park near Sydney, where keepers promptly named him Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

3: The Giant Spider that was Really a Crab
The biggest spider to have ever existed on our planet has been denounced as a fraud! You might remember the fossil of a creature unearthed in Argentina quite a few years ago that was quickly labeled the biggest spider in existence.

2: Largest Spider Fossil Ever
The largest spider fossil ever found happened just recently in China. This is not the biggest spider that has ever existed, but it is the biggest complete fossil ever discovered in history. It’s being called Nephila Jurassica, and it measures about 2 inches from end to end.

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1: Redback Spider on the Toilet
The last story takes us back to the toilet. It’s a pretty tragic story about a young Australian tradesman and his precious parts. The first incident occurred when a man who preferred not to be named was bitten on his ding dong by a redback spider while sitting in a porta potty on a job site.

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