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Hey there, tarantula enthusiasts! Today we’re diving into the exciting world of Exotics Lair’s recent video, where they unveiled a treasure trove of new confirmed female tarantulas. It’s like hitting the tarantula jackpot! Let’s unpack the adrenaline-pumping journey of acquiring these fascinating arachnids.

The Exciting Discovery

Imagine stumbling upon a goldmine of new confirmed female tarantulas from someone bidding farewell to the hobby. Exotic Lair’s video showcases the thrill of unboxing these beauties, each with a unique charm and personality waiting to be explored.

The Diverse Collection

In this remarkable haul, you snagged a diverse range of tarantulas to add to your collection. Among them are the striking Chaco golden knee, the elegant Aphonopelma monae, and the majestic Acanthoscurria geniculata. Each tarantula brings a dynamic flair to your collection, enriching your passion for these eight-legged wonders.

Gems in Your Collection

Not to forget the gems already gracing your collection – the vibrant Grammostola rosea red color form and the mesmerizing Ephebopus cyanognathus. These stunners continue to captivate you with their distinct characteristics and behaviors, adding layers of fascination to your tarantula family.

New Additions

Adding to the thrill are the recent acquisitions of the Pamphobeteus sp. “Mascara” and the regal Lasiodora klugi. These newcomers inject fresh energy into your collection, promising endless moments of observation and discovery as you get to know them better.

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Personal Favorite

Among this bouquet of tarantulas, your heart beats for the enchanting Aphonopelma chalcodes Arizona Blonde. Its stunning appearance and charming demeanor make it a standout favorite in your tarantula sanctuary, deserving special admiration and care.

Varied Species

Diversifying your collection further, you proudly house a Nhandu coloratovillosus and a Nhandu chromatus, each contributing a unique essence to the tapestry of your tarantula haven. The different species offer a rich tapestry of colors, behaviors, and interactions that keep your passion for tarantulas thriving.

Rehousing Adventures

Some of your new tarantula pals are in for a rehousing adventure, transitioning to new enclosures tailor-made for their comfort and well-being. It’s a meticulous process ensuring they feel secure and at home in their new surroundings, reflecting your dedication to providing the best care possible.

Happy Dwellers

On the flip side, some tarantulas are already settled and content in their current enclosures, showcasing their adaptability and resilience in your care. Witnessing their thriving spirits reaffirms the joy of nurturing these incredible creatures in a safe and nurturing environment.


In conclusion, the thrill of landing a bunch of new confirmed female tarantulas is an unforgettable experience for any tarantula enthusiast. Each tarantula, with its distinct traits and charm, adds a vibrant chapter to your journey in the mesmerizing world of arachnids.

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