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The Beekeeping Lessons

A sting is probably one of the first lessons that you will learn as soon as you show as much as an interest in beekeeping. This in no way means that all the material and courses regarding beekeeping will only (or largely) be centered around how you can avoid getting stung while beekeeping. While you are ready trying to build a stingless-reputation, one more reputation concurrently builds up: a honey-less reputation!

The Beekeeping Hive

Beekeeping or apiculture is the practice of keeping bees for the production of honey either as a hobby or an all out commercial venture – and rewarding it is. A good number of commercial beekeepers can tell you about six or seven figure incomes that come from beekeeping so it’s not a fallacy that it is actually lucrative. But still, there are other folks like the scientists and researchers who will keep bees for other purposes like research.

Finding Used Beekeeping Supplies

Beekeeping is not as simple as it may seem and certainly requires some financial input. You might want to consider used beekeeping equipment if you are a little tight on the bread. But don’t just pick it up anywhere or pick anything. Whatever the pieces of equipment, always ensure it is still in usable condition – even if it’s free.

Protective Beekeeping Clothing

I sure do hope that you are not into the DIY thing that’s all the rage. DIY is an acronym for Do It Yourself. There’s quite a variety of beekeeping clothing now available in stores that is quite effective.

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Is a Beekeeping Guide Important?

This is the thing; bees WILL always sting! Honey can definitely get you money! A beekeeping guide is absolutely necessary if you are looking to get it right with apiculture.

How Important Are Beekeeping Lessons?

In this article I look to into the importance of getting beekeeping lessons from someone who’s a great at what they claim to teach…beekeeping. There are various ways of learning in this technological age and for persons who work and they aren’t able to attend regular classes, they can opt for online video courses which are a great visual learning aid.

The Asian Longhorned Beetle and Other Invasive Pests That Threaten Our Environment in the North East

Invasive species are an increasing concern due to increased foreign trading and budget cuts. Introduced pests have few natural enemies. Of these pests the most dangerous is the Asian Longhorned Beetle.

The Essential Beekeeper Hat

No matter how many years you have kept them, they WILL sting you! Bees, like many other insects and even animals are quite protective of their territories – and their honey. So you will most definitely need protective gear even if you are a seasoned beekeeper.

Is CCD The Big Piece Of Puzzle In The Disappearance of The Honey Bee?

What is colony collapse disorder? It is a phenomenon that seem to be crippling bee populations all over the world at this point in time there’s no conclusive evidence to its causes except that many other known variables have contributed to this. In this article I look into the importance of beekeeping and the knowledge that one requires to be successful without fearing CCD.

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Essential Beekeeper Supplies

If you are looking to dive into beekeeping, you have probably got a lot of background by now about the bees, their environment, their nature, and everything that is required to get started and get the best results. One of the things that will eat away into your thoughts is the beekeeper supplies and where to get them.

Essential Beekeeping Information

There are a whole lot of online resources about beekeeping these days. This is a good thing and I actually urge you to voraciously scan the pages and get as much info as you can on beekeeping – especially if you just are setting out. As for the seasoned beekeepers, this doesn’t leave you out in any way.

Elementary Principles of Honey Bee Raising

Beekeeping requires hands on management of apiaries, the bees and the hive they live in. In the wild bees can pretty much take good care of themselves but we’re beekeepers, which means we look forward with anticipation to excellent harvest. In this article I look into the elementary principles of good beekeeping.