FINALLY Tom sent me these!!! UNBOXING *RARE* Brown Velvet Spiders I’ve never seen before.. AND MORE!

Finally, Tom sent me these!!! I am thrilled to share with you the unboxing of *rare* Brown Velvet Spiders that I have never seen before. Stay tuned for more exciting surprises!


Hey there, fellow spider enthusiasts! I am thrilled to share my recent spider unboxing experience with you all. Brace yourself for an exciting journey as I unravel the mystery of the rare brown velvet spiders Tom sent me, along with an array of other fascinating arachnids. So, grab your magnifying glass and let’s delve into the intriguing world of these eight-legged wonders together!

Unboxing the Rare Brown Velvet Spiders

I recently unboxed two elusive brown velvet spiders, a jumping spider, and a wolf spider, courtesy of my good friend Tom Patterson from Hardcore Arachnids. The moment I laid eyes on these enchanting creatures, I was captivated by their unique beauty and majestic presence. These rare specimens were unlike any I had ever seen before, with their rich, velvety brown exteriors and intricate patterns that seemed to dance under the light.

Setting Up Special Enclosures

After receiving these precious arachnids, I wasted no time in setting up their new homes with special enclosures and hides. I wanted to ensure that they felt right at home in their new environment, providing them with cozy setups that mimicked their natural habitats. Watching them explore their new surroundings brought me immense joy and a sense of fulfillment as a dedicated spider keeper.

  • Utilized special enclosures tailored to each spider’s specific needs
  • Added intricate hides to create a safe and comfortable space for the spiders
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Discovering Hidden Talents of the Jumping Spider

One of the highlights of unboxing these amazing spiders was observing the jumping spider in action. This agile arachnid moved with lightning speed, effortlessly leaping from one point to another with precision and grace. Using my affiliate code KAT10, I was able to purchase a fascinating jumping spider hide that provided the perfect vantage point for observing its acrobatic feats. I highly recommend checking out Tarantula Kat’s website for unique spider accessories.

Building a Spider Community

For spider enthusiasts looking to connect with like-minded individuals and explore the world of arachnids further, I encourage you to join the Discord community. Here, you can engage in discussions, share experiences, and stay updated on the latest spider news and events. Additionally, for those interested in business inquiries or seeking expert guidance on spider care, feel free to reach out to recommended vendors such as Micro Wilderness and Fanghub Tarantulas.


In conclusion, the unboxing experience of these rare brown velvet spiders has been nothing short of magical. Each spider has brought a unique charm and personality to my collection, enriching my passion for these incredible creatures. I look forward to witnessing their growth and evolution, creating lasting memories with them along the way. Remember, the world of spiders is full of surprises and wonders – all it takes is a curious mind and a willingness to explore.


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