First Look At Venom Boss Fight | Spider-Man 2 PS5

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It looks like Insomniac just confirmed Venom could be playable in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
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Hello, Durag Nation! We’ve just been treated to an exciting sneak peek at what the Symbiotic Relationships Panel will entail tomorrow at the San Diego Comic-Con for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. As we all remember, our first encounter with Venom was back in 2021 during the Spider-Man 2 Reveal Trailer. This was followed up by Insomniac offering us a fresh glimpse of Venom battling Miles and Peter during the Summer Game Fest, using concept art.

Interestingly, the Venom portrayed here sports the iconic white spider design, which is a result of the symbiote coming into contact with Peter, and is also the version featured in the game’s collector’s edition.

Now, Insomniac has presented us with our first in-game glimpse of this version of Venom. Creative Director Brian Intihar discussed the creation process of Venom, their philosophical approach to the character, how it plays into their story, and how Tony Todd breathed life into the character in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly.

While revealing the new image of Venom, Brian affirmed that the white spider design was influenced by specific story elements. Based on what we’ve seen so far, I think this is not only because this Venom host encountered the symbiote after Peter, but there might be more than one Venom shown off in the game.

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Taking a closer look at the image’s background, it seems Venom is surrounded by vehicles resembling those Kraven’s Hunters used while chasing Dr. Connors in his Lizard form. Considering we last saw Kraven’s group trying to capture Peter in his symbiote form, there’s a possibility that Peter morphs into Venom after unleashing on Connors with his large teeth, causing Kraven to attempt to capture him.

If this conjecture holds, this image could hint at segments of the game where you control Venom, considering it bears similarity in style and framing to our initial look at Peter in the symbiote suit from the Playstation showcase.

In a prior video, I discussed the potential of Peter acquiring the symbiote, speculated on the main Venom’s identity, and pondered how Eddie Brock fits into the narrative. There’s plenty to look forward to tomorrow at the San Diego Comic-Con for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and I dive into all of this in the next video on screen.

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