Growing Up in Spider-Verse! 30 DIYs for LOL Surprise

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Watch in our new video the fascinating story of little Gwen and Miles. Today we’ll show how the adorable little ones grew up to be true superheroes!
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Supplies and tools:
• hot glue gun
• acrylic paint set
• craft scissors
• brushes
• utility knife
• tweezers
• plastic measuring spoon
• fabric
• ribbon
• knitting
• cardboard
• old dolls
• doll clothes
• tulle
• rope
• decorative tape
• decorative spider legs
• spider face
• toothpicks
• wire
• thread or string
• metal pendant
• pillow in the shape of a cat
• hair extensions
• broken doll
• knitted fabric
• denim
• stretch fabric
• satin ribbon
• doll ballet shoes
• velvet and regular foam paper
• rubber
• toy kite
• glitter
• rhinestones
• cord

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