Hobie Becomes Miles UNCLE in SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE Theory… #shorts

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Did you notice how Hobie Brown stepped in to fill the void left by Uncle Aaron in Miles’s life? It’s like he’s the perfect replacement in every way, both figuratively and literally. From the moment they meet, Hobie already knows about Miles’s superpowers. He’s like that one co-worker who’s been around long enough to stop pretending to be someone else. Hobie is the one who tells Miles the truth about the Spider Society and makes him question Spider-Man 2099’s true motives. And when O’Hara tries to lock Miles up for not following the rules, Hobie comes to the rescue and helps him escape. He even gives Gwen his portal watch to back Miles up when he needs it. Spider-Punk, or should I say chaotic uncle. In “Into The Spider-Verse,” Miles admired his uncle and copied his moves when it came to flirting. In “Across The Spider-Verse,” he channels Hobie’s spirit when he confronts Miguel. When Miles’s true identity is revealed, he even does Hobie’s signature unimpressed side-eye and tells Miguel, “Nah. I’m gonna do my own thing.” That’s the vibe Hobie has been giving off throughout the whole movie.
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