I bought 15 tarantulas ~ LET’S PUT THEM TOGETHER !!! – [M. balfouri Communal] FIRST TIME

In their latest blog post, they chronicle the exciting experience of bringing together 15 tarantulas in a communal setting for the first time. Stay tuned as they delve into the world of M. balfouri and share their journey in this unique endeavor.


In a daring move that raised several eyebrows in the arachnid community, the renowned YouTuber Exotics Lair embarked on a groundbreaking communal setup experiment involving 15 Monocentropus balfouri tarantulas. Renowned for his captivating content on exotic pets, Exotics Lair pushed the boundaries once more by delving into the uncharted territory of cohabitation among these intriguing creatures. Three enclosures, meticulously prepared to resemble the natural habitat of the M. balfouri, served as the stage for this unprecedented social experiment. With pure cocoa fiber substrate, wood, plants, twigs, and moss adorning the enclosures, each housing multiple tarantulas, the scene was set for a communal living experience like no other.

The Communal Setup

  1. Similar Layouts: The three enclosures, identical in design and aesthetics, were tailor-made to cater to the communal instincts of the M. balfouri tarantulas. The intention was to provide a seamless transition for the arachnids as they navigated their newfound social dynamics.

  2. Introducing the Tarantulas: With meticulous care and precision, Exotics Lair introduced the sibling tarantulas into each enclosure one by one. This gradual process aimed to minimize any potential conflicts and promote a harmonious cohabitation environment.

  3. Communal Behavior: The M. balfouri tarantulas, renowned for their ability to live together without significant issues, exhibited fascinating communal behavior. From sharing burrows to coordinating their hunting efforts, these arachnids showcased a level of social interaction rarely seen in the arachnid kingdom.

  4. Safety Measures: To ensure the well-being and safety of the tarantulas, the enclosures were designed to prevent any escape attempts. This meticulous attention to detail underscored Exotics Lair’s commitment to the welfare of his beloved pets throughout the communal experiment.

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Educational and Entertainment Purposes

The communal setup orchestrated by Exotics Lair transcended mere entertainment value; it served as an educational platform for enthusiasts and aspiring arachnid keepers alike. By offering a glimpse into the social dynamics of the M. balfouri tarantulas, this experiment shed light on the fascinating world of communal living among arachnids. Moreover, the sheer spectacle of witnessing 15 tarantulas cohabitating harmoniously provided a riveting experience for viewers, blending education with entertainment in a unique and captivating manner.


In conclusion, Exotics Lair’s foray into the communal setup of 15 Monocentropus balfouri tarantulas stands as a testament to his innovative approach to content creation and arachnid care. Through meticulous planning, attention to detail, and a genuine passion for his pets, Exotics Lair not only entertained his audience but also enlightened them on the intricacies of communal living among tarantulas. This bold experiment exemplifies the boundless potential of human-animal interactions, transcending conventional pet care practices and opening new avenues for exploration in the world of exotic pets.


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