i bought the REAL LIFE lucas the spider to get over my arachnophobia 🕷🕸 (freakout)

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I bought the world’s CUTEST spider… I know.. who would’ve thought you could call a spider cute right? But no it actually is, it’s the regal jumping spider (Phidippus regius) which is the REAL LIFE Lucas the spider cartoon here on youtube. I also have a pretty big fear of spiders, and thought it would be an interesting experiment to see if I could overcome it by getting one as a pet… I’ll take you through a collection of vlogs I’ve taken over the last 3 months, from unboxing, to setting up the enclosure, upgrading, all the way to handling and other stuff… maybe some lil cries n screams in between lol 🙂

lucas the spider’s channel:

I didn’t actually purchase the spider solely to get over my arachnophobia and don’t recommend anyone do the same. I’ve wanted one as a pet for a really long time for other reasons and did a lot of research. The spider is also captive-bred, I purchased her from a reputable breeder in the UK.

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