I expected all to be DEAD ~ Surprisingly NOT !!! πŸ”ͺ πŸ“¦

One might have expected everything to be lifeless, but to their surprise, that was not the case. πŸͺ“πŸ“¦


In the realm of exotic pet enthusiasts, the excitement of unboxing a shipment of delicate creatures bought online is a nerve-wracking experience. This review delves into the intriguing world of Exotics Lair, a YouTuber known for documenting such adventures. The anticipation, anxiety, and ultimate relief of finding the purchased Neon Tetras alive and thriving serve as the focal points of this captivating video exploration.

Unboxing Neon Tetras: An Unexpected Adventure

As the video unfolds, viewers witness the suspense as the YouTuber anxiously unboxes the Neon Tetras. The seller’s delayed shipping raises concerns about the fish’s well-being during transit, adding an element of unpredictability to the situation. Will the Neon Tetras survive the journey intact, or will they fall victim to the rigors of shipping?

A Tale of Two Tetras: Black vs. Blue

Upon unboxing, the YouTuber is greeted with not one, but two separate orders of Neon Tetras: Black and Blue variants. The fish’s unexpected arrival in dual shipments adds a layer of intrigue to the unboxing process. The distinct size difference between the Black Neon Tetras and the Blue Neon Tetras sparks the YouTuber’s curiosity and captivates the audience’s attention.

Alive and Thriving: A Surprising Turn of Events

Much to the YouTuber’s relief and delight, the Neon Tetras arrive alive and well, defying the initial apprehensions surrounding their shipment. The resilience of these vibrant creatures evokes a sense of awe and admiration, highlighting the seller’s commitment to ensuring the fish’s survival during transit.

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Packaging Perfection: A Seller’s Smart Strategy

The YouTuber commends the seller’s meticulous packaging techniques, attributing the Neon Tetras’ survival to the thoughtful handling and protection provided during shipping. The innovative methods employed by the seller reflect a deep understanding of the delicate nature of live aquatic creatures, earning praise from both the YouTuber and the audience.

A New Home Awaits: Tank Setup and Decor

With the Neon Tetras safely unboxed and thriving, the YouTuber sets the stage for their introduction into a new tank adorned with decorations and wood. The meticulous attention to detail in creating a habitat conducive to the fish’s well-being underscores the YouTuber’s passion for exotic pets and dedication to their care.


The unboxing adventure captured in Exotics Lair’s video unfolds as a rollercoaster of emotions, from initial anxiety to ultimate relief and joy. The unexpected twists and turns of receiving live Neon Tetras serve as a testament to the resilience of these fascinating creatures and the importance of responsible pet ownership.


  1. How did the Neon Tetras fare during the delayed shipping?
  2. What were the differences between the Black and Blue Neon Tetras received?
  3. What impressed the YouTuber about the seller’s packaging methods?
  4. How did the YouTuber prepare the tank for the Neon Tetras’ introduction?
  5. What emotions did the YouTuber experience during the unboxing process?