Will these JUMPING SPIDERS APPROVE?!.. Testing out my BRAND NEW ~DrEaMy~ Enclosures!

In this blog post, we are excited to share our experience testing out our BRAND NEW ~DrEaMy~ Enclosures and see if these JUMPING SPIDERS will approve!

Will These JUMPING SPIDERS APPROVE?!.. Testing out my BRAND NEW ~DrEaMy~ Enclosures!

Hey there, folks! We are super excited to dive into the fantastical world of our brand new dreamy enclosures, perfect for our little eight-legged friends! Let’s talk about the latest Dream and Sweet Dreams enclosures available for pre-order on the Tarantula Cribs website. We can’t wait to see if our jumping spiders will give these enclosures a thumbs up!


So, picture this – larger versions of these enclosures with heart-shaped ventilations. How cute is that? Plus, they come with customizable backgrounds to add that extra dreamy touch. And guess what? You can save 10% on these Tarantula Cribs enclosures using the affiliate code KAT10. Now, who doesn’t love a good discount, right?

Unique Designs with Heart-Shaped Ventilations

  • Make sure our spiders have enough airflow while enjoying the aesthetics.
  • Heart-shaped design adds a sweet touch to the enclosure.

Customizable Backgrounds for a Dreamy Touch

  • Personalize the enclosure to match our jumping spiders’ style.
  • Create a whimsical habitat for our little arachnid pals.

Themed Decorations for Adorable Enclosures

  • Add themed decorations to make the enclosure uniquely charming.
  • Make our jumping spiders feel like they’re in their own magical world.
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Warp and Scratch-Resistant for Durability

  • Ensure the enclosures last long without wear and tear.
  • Let the jumping spiders enjoy their dreamy abode for a long time.

Now, let’s see how our jumping spiders react to their new dreamy homes!

As we introduce our jumping spiders to these enclosures, we can’t help but wonder if they’ll embrace their new surroundings with open arms (or legs, in this case). The cloud-themed decor sets a serene atmosphere, and with substrate, wood, and moss additions, our spiders will have a cozy and naturalistic environment to thrive in.

Our eight-legged buddies are sure to enjoy exploring every nook and cranny of their new homes. The combination of functionality and aesthetics in these enclosures makes them a perfect fit for our tiny arachnid friends.

After observing our jumping spiders interact with the enclosures, we are delighted to see how they quickly make themselves at home. The ventilation keeps the air fresh, the layout allows for easy movement, and the design elements create a visually appealing habitat.

We can’t wait to see how our jumping spiders continue to adapt to their new dreamy enclosures and how they make these spaces their own.


In conclusion, the Dream and Sweet Dreams enclosures from Tarantula Cribs are a fantastic choice for providing a whimsical habitat for our jumping spiders. With customizable features, themed decorations, and durability, these enclosures offer the perfect blend of style and functionality for our arachnid friends.

Feeling eager to give these enclosures a try? Head over to the Tarantula Cribs website to pre-order yours today and give your jumping spiders the dreamy home they deserve!

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Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey of exploring our new dreamy enclosures for our jumping spiders! Remember, a happy spider makes for a happy spider owner!