Is Mayday Parker an Anomaly in SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE Theory… #shorts

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Is Mayday an anomaly in Across the Spider-Verse? Mayday’s existence is like a ripple effect caused by Miles, the original anomaly himself. It’s like a mind-bending, spider-verse-ception kinda thing. So, Miles messes with the whole multiverse situation, and that’s how all these other spider folks get pulled into his universe, you know? And then, he goes and helps Peter B get back on track, being all mentor-like and inspiring him and stuff. That leads to Peter B deciding to give things another shot with MJ and even wanting to be a dad. And bam, Mayday’s existence is set in motion! Without Miles, Peter B would’ve never made those moves. No getting back with MJ, no fatherhood goals. So, Mayday’s like this unexpected spider kid that’s only there because Miles crossed paths with her dad. And, believe it or not, Miguel, knows all about it. He accepts Mayday’s existence ’cause she’s his buddy’s daughter, plus he’s got his own feelings and guilt tied to his daughter. So, it’s all this emotional and universe-messing stuff that might play a big role in the next movie.
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