Is Spider-Man 2099 a Vampire in SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE? #shorts

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So, have you ever wondered why Spider-Man 2099 has those vampire-like features? Well, let’s take a quick look at his backstory to find out. Miguel’s world is a bit messed up, no superheroes left because of a civil war. He works for a corrupt company called Alchemax, which got him hooked on drugs to keep him under their control. To undo the damage, Miguel tried to change his DNA back to pre-drug addiction days. But things went sideways when his experiment got mixed up with spider DNA. That’s how he ended up with those mutant-like features. Fangs like spiders have and claws that resemble spider legs. And yeah, he got all the super-strength, speed, and agility that spiders are known for. Plus, there’s this whole thing about a prophet telling him he could be the next Spider-Man, so he embraced the mantle. Long story short, the vampire-like properties come from the mix-up of his DNA with that of a spider. Kinda makes you think he’s a vampire, right? After all, bats and spiders both have fangs and claws.
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