Let’s GIVE HER SPACE!! Adult Female Green Bottle Blue Rehouse! WATCH HER WEB IT – C cyaneopubescens

Are you ready to give her space? Watch as this adult female Green Bottle Blue settles into her new home! Witness her expert web-building skills as she makes her mark – C cyaneopubescens.


Hey there, tarantula enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of tarantula rehousing with the talented Tarantula Kat. Get ready as you witness the exciting journey of rehoming Gumdrop, the adult female Green Bottle Blue tarantula, into her brand-new living space. Stay tuned for valuable insights, tips, and entertaining moments throughout this video review.

The Hype Before the Rehouse

Before the rehousing process begins, Tarantula Kat builds up the excitement by showcasing Gumdrop’s current enclosure. The anticipation is palpable as viewers get a glimpse of Gumdrop’s behavior and environment. With Tarantula Kat’s expertise shining through, you can feel confident in the upcoming rehousing adventure.

Watching Gumdrop in Action

  • Witness Gumdrop’s vibrant colors and unique behaviors.
  • Learn more about the care and preferences of Green Bottle Blue tarantulas.
  • Gain insights into creating the perfect habitat for your tarantula friend.

Gumdrop’s Grand Rehouse

As the rehousing unfolds, Tarantula Kat guides you step by step through the process. From carefully coaxing Gumdrop out of her current home to introducing her to the new enclosure, every moment is packed with anticipation and thrill. Get ready to see Gumdrop adapt to her new surroundings and weave her intricate web in no time!

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Making Gumdrop Feel at Home

  • Discover the importance of anchor points in a tarantula’s enclosure.
  • Learn how to provide a suitable and comfortable environment for your tarantula.
  • Watch as Gumdrop explores her new space and makes it her own.

Special Offers and Contact Details

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  • For business inquiries or collaborations, reach out to Tarantula Kat on various social media platforms.
  • Send fan mail or inquiries to Tarantula Kat at PO Box 20214, Saint Louis, MO 63123-0214.
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  • Tune in to the engaging BOTH WORLD TARANTULAS PODCAST available on Apple Music and Spotify.


In conclusion, the rehousing journey of Gumdrop, the Green Bottle Blue tarantula, under Tarantula Kat’s expert guidance is a must-watch for any tarantula lover. From informative insights to entertaining moments, this video captures the essence of caring for these fascinating creatures. So, give your tarantula the space they deserve and watch them thrive in their new home!


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