Mama scorpion has 23 babies!

Being a nature enthusiast, I was thrilled to witness a remarkable event in my backyard recently – Mama scorpion giving birth to 23 adorable babies!

Mama Scorpion Has 23 Babies!


I can’t contain my excitement as I share with you the thrilling update on the mama scorpion I recently brought home from the pet store. You won’t believe it, but she gave birth to a whopping 23 babies! Witnessing this miraculous moment unfold before my eyes has been nothing short of incredible.

The Joy of New Beginnings

Welcoming 23 tiny scorpion babies into the world has been a heartwarming experience like no other. Each baby carries a sense of wonder and amazement, making me appreciate the beauty of life in its smallest forms.

Collecting the Little Ones

As the babies started to leave their mother’s back, I carefully began collecting them one by one. It’s fascinating to observe their miniature size and unique markings, a true testament to the diversity of nature.

  • With a keen eye, I gather the babies gently to ensure their safety.
  • I handle each baby with utmost care to avoid any harm or distress.

Creating a Safe Haven

To prevent any unnecessary stress to the mama scorpion, I have kept her in a secure container where she can rest undisturbed. It’s crucial to provide her with a peaceful environment as she continues to recover from the birthing process.

Sharing the Love

While I plan to keep around 10 of the baby scorpions together in a carefully curated habitat, the rest will find loving homes with friends in the local community. It warms my heart to see these precious creatures bring joy to others.

A Sneak Peek into the Future

I’m excited to announce that I am documenting this incredible journey for a full video on my YouTube channel. From the birth of the babies to the rehousing process of the mother and her adorable offspring, every moment will be captured for all to see.

Watch Out for the Video!

Make sure to keep an eye on my YouTube channel for the upcoming video featuring the mama scorpion and her 23 babies. Join me as I share the joys, challenges, and heartwarming moments of this extraordinary experience.


In conclusion, the arrival of 23 baby scorpions has been a remarkable chapter in my life. Witnessing the miracle of birth and nurturing these tiny creatures has filled my heart with immense joy and gratitude.


  1. How many babies did the mama scorpion have in total?
  2. What precautions did you take to avoid stressing out the mother scorpion?
  3. Are you keeping all the babies together or giving some away?
  4. When can we expect to see the full video on your YouTube channel?
  5. What has been the most rewarding part of this experience for you?