Miles Morales is Actually a Filler Character | SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE… #shorts

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Can Miles prove that he is not a filler character but a true Spider-Man? Turns out our main guy, Miles Morales, is facing a major identity crisis. When Miles crosses paths with Miguel O’Hara at the Spider Society HQ, Miguel drops a bombshell on Miles, revealing that he’s not supposed to be there, and guess what? He’s not even supposed to be Spider-Man! According to Miguel, Miles is like an anomaly, a glitch in the system that messes with the natural order of things and puts entire universes in jeopardy. He claims that each Spider-person has their own destined path to follow, and Miles is breaking the cycle or at least interfering with it big time. It’s like Miguel is calling him a filler character who’s causing all sorts of trouble by existing where he shouldn’t. Can Miles find a way to break free from this predetermined destiny?
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