Mold = DISASTER 🤦🏻 #shorts

You guys saw last week's short video Yeah you will know that my darling Passed away And well we decided to preserve her as a Taxidermy in this acrylic box over here There'll be a full video on it it's a Very very long video so i'm yet to edit I'm kind of lazy to do that now so stay Tuned for that in the future but yeah we Decided to make a box with something Like a burrow and put her in there kind Of dodgy but it is what it is let me Show you what it looks like after a week Oh my gosh so after a week why did i Just sound like i wanted to go and take A dump After a week this is yeah really sad Mold freaking wall i hate mold with all My my might and my strength and my Everything in my body i hate mold okay We dried her before we did this and look At that are you freaking kidding me all Our hard work gone to waste