My COCKROACHES are in DANGER !!! ~ Spider INFESTATION !!! + other roach species !!!

He faces a critical situation as his cockroaches are now in danger due to a severe spider infestation, along with other species of roaches infiltrating his space.


In the exotic and fascinating world of insect keeping, unexpected challenges can arise at any moment. This is exactly what the popular YouTuber, Exotics Lair, recently experienced when his beloved Dubia roach colony faced a perilous threat. In a video titled “My COCKROACHES are in DANGER !!! ~ Spider INFESTATION !!! + other roach species !!!,” Exotics Lair candidly shared the alarming situation his roach colony was facing. Let’s delve into the details of this gripping tale and how Exotics Lair is tackling this unexpected predicament.

A Troubling Discovery

Upon closely inspecting his Dubia roach colony, Exotics Lair made a dismaying revelation. The colony, which he had diligently nurtured and cared for, had become a battleground for unwanted intruders. The notorious invaders, Turkistan roaches and Lobster roaches, had infiltrated the Dubia roach habitat, posing a significant threat to the well-being of the colony.

  • The Dubia Roach colony restart:
  • Restarting the Dubia Roach colony due to a spider infestation.
  • Manually removing the adult Dubia roaches to start a new colony.

The Unwelcome Guests

The presence of the Turkistan and Lobster roaches sent shockwaves through the Dubia roach colony. These intruding species not only disrupted the harmonious ecosystem but also posed a danger of attacking and depleting the Dubia roach population. As Exotics Lair observed the chaos unfolding in the colony, he knew immediate action was necessary to safeguard his cherished insects.

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Challenges and Consequences

The unintentional introduction of Lobster roaches into the Dubia roach territory had unforeseen repercussions. The invasive species, combined with the lurking threat of spiders, hindered the growth and vitality of the Dubia roach population. Despite Exotics Lair’s best efforts to segregate the intruders, the task proved to be arduous and complex. Faced with this daunting challenge, Exotics Lair made the bold decision to start a fresh Dubia roach colony, ensuring the preservation of these valuable insects.

Preserving the Dubia Roaches

Exotics Lair’s primary goal in restarting the Dubia roach colony is to protect and nurture these incredible creatures. By eliminating the intruding species and addressing the spider infestation, he aims to create a safe and thriving environment for the Dubia roaches to flourish. Through meticulous care and attention to detail, Exotics Lair is committed to ensuring the long-term health and growth of the Dubia roach colony.


In the world of exotic insect keeping, challenges often arise unexpectedly. Exotics Lair’s proactive approach to tackling the spider infestation and invasive roach species demonstrates his unwavering dedication to the well-being of his Dubia roach colony. By prioritizing the preservation and growth of these fascinating insects, Exotics Lair sets a commendable example for insect enthusiasts worldwide.


  1. How did Exotics Lair discover the Turkistan and Lobster roaches infiltration in his Dubia roach colony?
  2. What prompted Exotics Lair to restart his Dubia roach colony?
  3. Why is it crucial to eliminate the intruding roach species for the well-being of the Dubia roaches?
  4. How is Exotics Lair planning to prevent future spider infestations in his new colony?
  5. What measures is Exotics Lair taking to ensure the successful growth and health of the Dubia roach colony?
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