My experience with the *VIRAL RAIN FROGS* so far.. BIG UPDATE, Upgrade & what’s working (for me)

Our experience with the VIRAL RAIN FROGS has been truly remarkable thus far. In this big update, we delve into the upgrades we’ve made and share what’s been working for us.

Our Viral Rain Frogs Adventure: Big Update, Upgrade, and What’s Working for Us


Hey, folks! Today, we want to share our thrilling journey with the viral rain frogs that has been a mix of excitement, challenges, and heartwarming moments. These adorable creatures have found a special place in our hearts, and we can’t wait to spill the beans on our recent big update, a shiny new 20-gallon tank!

The Excitement

Right from the start, these creatures have brought buckets of joy into our lives. Watching them hop around, climb branches, and burrow into the substrate has been a delightful sight. We knew we had to provide them with a space where they could thrive and live their best froggy lives.

Upgrading to a 20-Gallon Tank

  • We upgraded our rain frogs’ enclosure to a 20-gallon tank.
  • The frogs are active climbers and spend time both burrowed and above the substrate.
  • We keep the frogs in a group of three for company as they are communal.

Our decision to transition to a more spacious 20-gallon tank was fueled by our desire to give them more room to explore and frolic. These creatures are known to be active climbers, so having ample vertical space for them to practice their climbing skills was a no-brainer.

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The Big Move

We prepared the new enclosure meticulously, ensuring it was a safe and comfortable haven for our rain frogs. The mix of organic topsoil and sand created the perfect substrate for them to burrow and dig to their heart’s content. We also made the switch to repto soil to provide a substrate that is both safe and conducive to their natural behavior.

Our Positive Experience with the Rain Frogs

  • These rain frogs are wild-caught, new to the pet trade, and expensive.
  • Our experience with the wild-caught frogs has been positive so far.
  • We successfully set up the new enclosure where the rain frogs now reside.

Despite the initial challenges of caring for wild-caught rain frogs, our experience with them has been incredibly rewarding. They have adapted well to their new environment, displaying behaviors that indicate they are happy and healthy. Seeing them explore their new tank fills us with pride and joy.


In conclusion, our journey with the viral rain frogs has been an adventure filled with ups and downs, laughter, and learning. The recent upgrade to a 20-gallon tank has provided our beloved frogs with a spacious and enriching environment where they can thrive. We look forward to many more moments of fun and companionship with our delightful amphibian friends.


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