NO WAY🤭 Spider-Man VS Gadgets *Problem Solving Tools and Hacks by Superheroes*

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Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man 🕷 is here to help you with your daily struggles! This time he comes with lots of gadgets and hacks that might come handy for your daily activities! And not just for you, but he got a little something for your cat, too 🐱! What could it be? Watch and find out!

Timestamps :
0:30 Cleanses to the deepest part of your mouth / Triple toothbrush
1:03 Wash dishes without getting your cuffs wet / Dishwashing gloves
1:30 Instantly shape your bottoms / Push up panties
2:35 How to bathe your cat without washing their head / Cat muzzle
3:01 Easily fill out with whatever you want / Dumpling maker
3:44 Keep your cat groomed / Cat brush
4:12 Rest your feet comfortably while doing your bathroom business / Footrest
4:35 Effectively blows out candles on your cake / Candle blower
5:21 Make sure everything is flushed out / Toilet lid closure
6:00 No need to use your hand to hold it directly / Burger holder
6:36 Your potty emergency saviour / Portable toilet
7:14 How to lock your door when there’s no lock / Hairpin & Hair tie
7:52 Great for grabbing insects / Spider catcher
8:21 How to keep watching videos in the shower / Shower phone holder

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Stan Lee Signed Amazing Spider-Man #107 Comic Book

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