He or she is about to embark on a one-of-a-kind journey, one that sparks both excitement and intrigue. With 21 King Baboon Tarantulas in tow, their bags are carefully packed, ensuring the safety and comfort of these magnificent creatures. Join him or her as they delve into the fascinating world of spider keeping, unraveling the mysteries that lie within the mesmerizing realm of arachnids. From the intricate process of packing to the thrill of setting up their new habitats, this blog post invites you to witness the extraordinary adventures that await with 21 King Baboon Tarantulas. Brace yourself for a captivating exploration into the captivating, yet often misunderstood, world of these eight-legged wonders.


In the vast world of creepy crawlies, tarantulas hold a special place. Their hairy bodies and intimidating presence have fascinated and intrigued people for centuries. With their vibrant colors and unique behaviors, tarantulas have become a favorite among exotic pet enthusiasts. In a recent video by Exotics Lair, viewers get an up-close look at the process of packing 21 King Baboon tarantula slings. This article will delve into the details of this mesmerizing video and shed light on the careful steps involved in packaging these fascinating creatures.

Heading 1: The King Baboon Tarantula Slings
Sub-heading 1: Slow Growers with Multiple Molts
In this captivating video, the spotlight is on 21 Pelinobius muticus, commonly known as King Baboon tarantula slings. These slings, or juvenile tarantulas, have already molted several times. Molting is a crucial part of a tarantula’s life cycle, where it sheds its old exoskeleton to make room for growth. King Baboon tarantulas, in particular, are known to be slow growers, making each molt a significant milestone in their development.

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Heading 2: The Packing Process
Sub-heading 1: A Challenging Task
Packing tarantulas is no easy feat, especially when dealing with 21 feisty King Baboon tarantula slings. These slings often display a rebellious nature, making the packing process challenging. Exotics Lair, with their expertise and experience, takes on this task with finesse and caution.

Sub-heading 2: One Ounce Deli Cups
To ensure the safety and comfort of the slings during transit, Exotics Lair opts for one ounce deli cups for packing. These cups provide just the right amount of space for the slings without causing any harm or stress. The compact size also makes it easier to manage and ship multiple tarantulas at once.

Sub-heading 3: Securing the Cups
The wellbeing of the slings is of utmost importance for Exotics Lair. To prevent unnecessary movement and potential harm during shipment, the cups are securely fastened. This meticulous step guarantees that the slings remain in place and allows for a smooth and secure journey to their new homes.

Sub-heading 4: Preventing Dehydration
Tarantulas, like any living creature, require proper care and attention, especially during transit. Exotics Lair takes the necessary measures to prevent dehydration in the slings. Careful packaging ensures that the slings have access to moisture while preventing any excess that could lead to adverse effects.

Exotics Lair’s video showcasing the packing process of 21 King Baboon tarantula slings offers an intriguing glimpse into the world of exotic pet care and shipping. The careful handling, use of appropriate packaging materials, and attention to the slings’ wellbeing reflect the dedication and passion of the team. These mesmerizing creatures are deserving of the utmost care and respect, and Exotics Lair delivers just that.

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