Spider LITERALLY *HISSES* AT ME (yes they CAN HISS) Feeding my Tarantulas GUMMY WORMS! 200K Special

I was taken aback when the spider literally *hissed* at me (yes, they can hiss) while feeding my tarantulas gummy worms for my 200K special.

Feeding my Tarantulas Gummy Worms: A Special Celebration at 200K Subscribers


Hey there, folks! It’s me, your friendly neighborhood tarantula enthusiast, and YouTuber, hitting a whopping 200,000 subscribers on my channel! So, what better way to celebrate than by throwing a grand feast for my eight-legged buddies with some squiggly gummy worms? Join me on this thrilling escapade as I dive into the eerie yet fascinating world of these magnificent spiders.

My Tarantula Squad

  • Been There Since Day One: Some of my creepy-crawly companions have been by my side even before the inception of my YouTube journey. It’s like we’ve grown together, each subscriber bringing us closer.
  • Unexpected Encounters: Witnessing the unanticipated reactions of my dear C. darlingi tarantula during the feast was a spine-chilling experience, to say the least.
  • Excitement Galore: Feeding my Grandma S. tarantulas was a dream come true, and boy, did they put on quite a show. One of them, Grandma S. grossa, even gave away its gender with its peculiar behavior.
  • Special Stars: My first old world tarantula, the remarkable C. darlingi, and the seasoned veteran of my collection, Salem, savored their wormy treat with gusto.
  • Mavis’ Adventure: The adorably fierce G. porteri tarantula, Mavis, was a gem I stumbled upon in a pet store, and her presence added an extra zing to the celebrations.
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All in all, the gummy worm feast with my tarantula buddies was a roaring success, filled with surprises, delights, and a dash of arachnid charm. As we continue to grow, explore, and cherish each moment, I look forward to many more milestones and adventures with my beloved eight-legged pals.

FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. Do tarantulas really hiss at you?
  2. How do you identify the gender of a tarantula based on behavior?
  3. What makes old world tarantulas like C. darlingi special?
  4. Where did you find your G. porteri tarantula, Mavis?
  5. Can tarantulas actually enjoy gummy worms as a treat?