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Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) adventure movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The Thriller adventure action film “Spider Man Homecoming” voice over story summarized with a full ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot is about a main character named “Peter Parker” whose secret superhero identity is “Spiderman”. After facing the avengers, he returns to his aunt’s house and begins his education as a schoolboy. There he meets a girl named “Liz” whose father is a criminal who is also the antagonist of the film known as ‘Vulture’. Liz’s father had a whole team and was the first to clean up the area, but he has to leave it when the damage control department (owned by Iron Man) takes over. But before leaving, he collected garbage from that place, through which he found some equipment and made illegal weapons. Now the antagonist is trying to make a huge profit by selling these illegal weapons to bargain the criminal. Later “Peter” discovers this with his friend and they build a GPS-like device through which they are able to trace their location.

Now “Spider-Man” tries his best to stop this criminal act but sadly he is always defeated by the ‘Vulture’. The good thing is that one of his fellow “Ironman” always appears there to save him. In the end, “Spider-Man” gets the ability to use his power and has a final battle with the Vulture. He also saves his friends as they get stuck in one place due to the dangerous weapon made by the opponent. Later it was also discovered that those weapons were not ordinary weapons but grenades which could cause havoc anywhere.

Somehow, “Spider-Man” is able to arrest the antagonist. The police arrive and “Spider-Man” is praised for his strength and courage. Now he had gained his powers as “Spider Man”, and his reality of person behind super hero suit is no longer a secret from his aunt and she gets shocked knowing this. Finally, the the enemy Vulture appears in the prison where another prisoner investigates him about “SpiderMan” but he does not open his mouth, showing ignorance about it.

The acting and visual effects are both excellent in my opinion, and I thoroughly enjoyed the film. This Marvel movie has something for everyone; It is a dramatic drama with a lot of action. This is a movie that you should watch in your spare time as it will not bore you. Homework can wait. The city can’t!


Images and footage Source: Sony Pictures Releasing Films
Director: Jon Watts
Production: Amy Pascal , Columbia Pictures Inc.
Edited By: Marvel Cinematic Universe (It is the second Spider-Man film reboot)

Disclaimer: Any footage in this video has been used only to convey an understandable message to the audience. To the best of my knowledge, this is a permissible use in the reviews and opinion section. We have no intention to infringe on anyone’s rights. Thank you wholeheartedly.

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