Spider-Man: Homecoming – A Major Fumble

Puffy Lux

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0:00 – Intro
0:36 – The Vulture plotline’s broken premise
6:26 – Peter’s vlog
8:48 – Peter being reckless with his identity
9:21 – ATM fight
11:22 – Happy makes me unhappy
12:49 – The van chase is a disaster
26:46 – Shocker at school
30:28 – Washington DC
32:07 – Truck heist
40:00 – The Washington Monument scene is a disaster
45:48 – Shocker is stupid
46:07 – Peter’s dumb hiding spot
48:47 – Peter’s interrogation
50:49 – The Ferry sequence is a disaster
01:00:09 – Tony Stark’s character assassination
1:11:19 – The climax
1:20:50 – Happy is creepy
1:21:13 – Conclusion


Just Compensation:

Inventory Tracking:

Falling into water:

FFH train hit calculations:

Staten Island Ferry post 9/11:

Staten Island Ferry security protocols:

Iron Man flight speed calculations:

Thanks to N3BULA for the thumbnail idea. He created early versions of it, which gave me design ideas for the final one.

Big thanks to Southpaw, BatNick, Shandy, Uvufal, Takoberu, and folks at ECUM for helping out during the production of this video by providing sources, feedback, pushback, additional criticisms, and further discussion.

Uvufal: A

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