Spider-Man’s Other ‘Living’ MCU Suit Is More Powerful Than Venom

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The biggest cinematic universe of our time just continues to grow and grow, even across entire film studios. After everyone’s favorite wallcrawler has had one of its most iconic villains getting his own movies over at a different studio, now it seems that after the recently released sequel, our black-clad symbiote attached to an absolute disaster of a man has made the trans-dimensional jump to the main superhero universe.

This is certainly exciting news for any fans of the comics, as the fanged menace is absolutely one of Spidey’s most famous antagonists, and the whole Living Suit story it originated in is most certainly one of the most famous in the webslinger’s long career. However, with the parasite’s backstory being massively changed in the Sony universe, and Peter also having access to other living suits – depending on your definition of ‘living’, that is – one ponders which suit is actually the deadlier one, should the latter fall into the wrong hands.

Is is the parasitic alien that bonded with Peter back in the day and grew murderously obsessed, or is it the hi-tech battle armor that exists in a setting that is full to the brim with evil super-scientists that would be all too eager to hack their way into the equipment of one of the strongest superheroes on the planet? That’s what we’re going to discuss in detail throughout this video – and please, do go right ahead and share your own thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

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Written by: Bjarke “Esh” Johansen
Narrated by: Bjarke “Esh” Johansen
Edited by: Bjarke “Esh” Johansen

00:00 – Intro
00:36 – Venom
02:19 – The Stark Suits
03:34 – Karen and EDITH
05:03 – The Iron Spider
06:52 – The Problem With AIs
08:00 – The Villains that Might Want Them
09:45 – Tony isn’t around
11:22 – Venom VS Iron Spider

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