SWARMS of CICADAS are EMERGING! How to pin insects & MORE – City Museum

Swarms of cicadas are currently emerging at City Museum, offering a captivating spectacle of nature’s wonders. In this blog post, he will delve into how to observe and study these fascinating insects up close, providing insights and tips for an enriching experience.


In the captivating video created by Tarantula Kat, viewers are taken on an intriguing journey to the City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri. The highlight of the visit is the museum’s exceptional Insectarium, showcasing a fascinating array of insect specimens that leave visitors in awe. One unique aspect of the video is the filming of a bug pinning class conducted at the museum, providing an educational experience for all those interested in entomology.

Exploring the Insectarium

  • The video captures the mesmerizing world of insects, from delicate butterflies to intricate beetles, offering a close-up look at their intricate details.
  • Viewers are treated to a visual feast of colorful wings, intricate exoskeletons, and various adaptations that make each insect species unique.
  • The Insectarium serves as a valuable educational resource, raising awareness about the importance of these tiny yet significant creatures in our ecosystem.

Bug Pinning Techniques

  • The expert instructor in the video demonstrates the precise art of pinning insects, using an assortment of pins in different sizes for varying specimens.
  • Detailed instructions are provided on how to pin butterflies, beetles, and other insects accurately, highlighting the importance of proper technique to preserve specimen integrity.
  • Tips on avoiding damage to delicate parts of the specimens during the pinning process are shared, ensuring a meticulous and respectful approach to handling the insects.
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Pinning for Science vs. Display

  • The video delves into the distinction between pinning insects for scientific purposes versus creating displays for aesthetic enjoyment.
  • Viewers gain insight into the significance of accuracy and authenticity in scientific pinning practices, emphasizing the need for precision in documenting and preserving specimens.
  • The narrator of the video engages in the hands-on practice of pinning a deceased insect for display, showcasing the care and attention to detail required for such endeavors.


In conclusion, Tarantula Kat’s video provides a captivating glimpse into the mesmerizing world of insects at the City Museum Insectarium, offering valuable insights into bug pinning techniques and the delicate art of preserving these fascinating creatures. From the educational bug pinning class to the exploration of different insect species, the video is a delightful blend of knowledge and appreciation for the often-overlooked wonders of the insect realm.


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