Tarantula Feeding Video COMPILATION ~ When my spiders were still young !!!

Welcome to our blog post, where we present an exciting compilation of tarantula feeding videos. Join us as we take a nostalgic journey back to the time when our spiders were still young. Immerse yourself in the world of these fascinating creatures as we showcase their feeding behavior and share captivating moments from their early development. From the anticipation of a successful catch to the intricate web-spinning process, our tarantulas provide an awe-inspiring display of nature’s wonders. Experience the thrill alongside us, and delve into the lives of these intriguing arachnids. Let’s embark on this journey together!


Welcome to our article, where we’ll be reviewing a fascinating video created by Exotics Lair. In this video, titled “Tarantula Feeding Video COMPILATION ~ When my spiders were still young !!!”, we get a unique glimpse into the world of tarantula feeding and how these amazing creatures progress and grow over time.

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We started filming and uploading videos on Instagram before starting our YouTube channel.

Before we dive into the video, let us first share a bit about our journey. We initially began our online presence on Instagram, where we found great joy in capturing and sharing videos of our tarantulas. The positive response from the community encouraged us to expand and create our very own YouTube channel, where we could provide even more in-depth content for our viewers.

We found old clips from 2016 on our hard disk and decided to add music to them.

During our recent exploration of old footage, we stumbled upon some hidden gems from 2016. These clips showcased the early stages of our tarantulas’ lives when they were just adorable slings. To give these videos a new touch, we decided to enhance them by adding captivating music, providing an even more immersive experience for our audience.

Many of the big tarantulas in our videos now started as slings.

In this compilation, you’ll witness the growth and development of our beloved tarantulas. It’s remarkable to see how these tiny slings have transformed into magnificent creatures. Many of the larger tarantulas showcased in our videos now started as small, delicate slings. This serves as a reminder of their incredible journey and the care and attention we have invested in their well-being.

It’s nice to see how they’ve grown and changed, but they were also hungrily aggressive as babies.

As we watch these videos, we’re not only in awe of the growth spurt each tarantula has undergone, but also reminded of their undeniable appetite as babies. While adorable, these tiny creatures had a voracious hunger that sparked a sense of aggression during feeding time. It’s fascinating to witness their transition from fierce little eaters to majestic and mighty tarantulas.

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This video is made for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Before we proceed, we would like to emphasize that this video is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. We aim to share our passion for tarantulas and provide insights into their development. It’s important to approach these creatures with respect and caution, as they require specialized care and handling.

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In conclusion, the video “Tarantula Feeding Video COMPILATION ~ When my spiders were still young !!!” offers a captivating glimpse into the growth and development of tarantulas. We witness their transformation from slings to magnificent creatures, all while reflecting on their remarkable appetite during their early stages. Remember, these videos are meant for educational and entertainment purposes only, and it’s crucial to approach tarantulas with the respect they deserve. Stay connected with us on various social media platforms, and consider supporting us on Patreon to access exclusive content. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to sharing more tarantula adventures with you.


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