The absolute WORST DAY EVER.

Welcome to our blog post, where we delve into the realm of unforgettable experiences. Today, we’re taking you on a rollercoaster ride through the twists and turns of the absolute WORST DAY EVER. Buckle up, because we’re about to share our harrowing tale, reminding you that even amidst the darkest moments, there is always a glimmer of resilience waiting to be unleashed. Join us as we recount how this day tested our fortitude and left an indelible mark on our lives.

The absolute WORST DAY EVER


Today was the absolute worst day ever! We can’t even begin to explain the rollercoaster of emotions we went through. From the excitement of finding two dead tarantulas to the heartbreak of losing our beloved pets, it has been a day filled with sorrow and shock. In this article, we will share with you the devastating events that unfolded and highlight the importance of understanding the risks tarantulas face in captivity.

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We found two dead tarantulas today: a freshly molted Green Bottle Blue and a Golden Blue Leg Baboon

As tarantula enthusiasts, nothing can prepare us for the sight of our beloved creatures lifeless. Today, we came across two lifeless bodies – a stunning freshly molted Green Bottle Blue (GBB) and a Golden Blue Leg Baboon. These creatures, which were once full of life and vibrancy, now laid motionless, leaving us utterly perplexed and heartbroken.

Our GBB tarantula had just molted and had beautiful colorations, but unfortunately, she didn’t survive

Our GBB tarantula was the pinnacle of beauty. With her fresh molt, she displayed breathtaking colorations and appeared more stunning than ever. However, our joy was short-lived as we soon noticed that something was wrong. Our once active and energetic tarantula now appeared lethargic and weak. Despite our desperate attempts to intervene and provide the best care possible, we could do nothing to save her. It was devastating to witness such a magnificent creature succumb to an unknown ailment.

It seems that our GBB tarantula died due to a stuck carapace

Upon closer inspection, we discovered that our GBB tarantula’s demise was likely caused by a stuck carapace. Heavy-hearted, we understood that this condition occurs when the outer shell of a tarantula fails to shed completely. This unfortunate circumstance can lead to various complications, including difficulty breathing and restricted movement. In our tarantula’s case, it ultimately proved fatal.

The Golden Blue Leg Baboon also freshly molted but passed away for unknown reasons

In addition to our tragic loss of the GBB tarantula, we were further stunned by the death of our Golden Blue Leg Baboon, another freshly molted beauty. Unlike our GBB tarantula, the cause of our baboon’s death remains unclear. We meticulously cared for her, ensuring she had the ideal enclosure conditions and providing her with a healthy and nutritious diet. Nevertheless, despite our sincere efforts, she too passed away unexpectedly.

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Stuck molts can be fatal for tarantulas, particularly adults

The phenomenon of stuck molts is a grim reality that tarantula owners must be aware of. It is especially perilous for adult tarantulas as their chances of successfully shedding reduce significantly with age. It is essential to closely monitor and assist tarantulas during the molting process to prevent complications. Stuck molts can lead to severe health issues and, as we tragically witnessed today, can result in the untimely demise of these captivating creatures.

We will preserve the deceased tarantulas

To honor the memory of our beloved tarantulas, we have decided to preserve their remains. We will carefully store them, ensuring their beauty and elegance are immortalized. While it can be disheartening to hold on to reminders of their passing, it serves as a testament to the profound impact they had on our lives.

We take care of our tarantulas’ enclosures and provide appropriate conditions, so their deaths are not due to enclosure problems

As dedicated tarantula owners, we understand the importance of providing suitable enclosures and optimum living conditions for our pets. Their untimely deaths were not caused by negligence or inadequate care on our part. We meticulously maintained their enclosures, ensuring proper temperature, humidity, and substrate. It is essential to debunk the misconception that their passing was a result of enclosure problems, as we left no stone unturned in providing the best care possible.

Despite our best efforts, it is inevitable for animals to pass away

The death of our tarantulas serves as a grim reminder that, despite our best efforts, the circle of life will always continue. As pet owners, we strive to create a nurturing environment for our animal companions, but ultimately, death is an inevitable part of life. It is crucial to cherish the time spent with our pets and celebrate the joy they brought into our lives while they were still with us.

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