The *ANGRIEST* TARANTULA I have gives VERY DRAMATIC performance – gets rehoused anyway!

I am excited to share with you the captivating story of how my angriest tarantula delivers a truly dramatic performance, only to be rehoused in the end!

The ANGRIEST TARANTULA I Have Gives A VERY DRAMATIC Performance – Gets Rehoused Anyway!


Today’s video documenting my adventure with three tarantula slings was quite eventful. I rehoused these little arachnids, and one of them has a fiery personality that demanded center stage.

Rehousing the Tarantulas

I had three slings ready for a new setup, as they had outgrown their current enclosures. The process involved upgrading their homes to accommodate their growth and provide a more enriching environment for them.

Enclosure Upgrade

  • As the slings were getting bigger, it was time for an upgrade.
  • I decided to use tarantula cribs medium slider enclosures for their new homes.
  • Adding plants and cork for hiding spots was essential to create a cozy environment for the tarantulas.
  • Water dishes and substrate were carefully placed to ensure their well-being.
  • Springtails were introduced to promote bioactivity within the enclosures.

Encounter with the Sassy Sling

One of the slings, an Epaboopus rufus, exhibited particularly sassy behavior. This tarantula was not only skittish but incredibly fast, making it a challenging yet thrilling experience to rehouse.

The Dramatic Rehousing

Despite the sass and speed of the Epaboopus rufus, the rehousing process had to go on. With careful planning and a steady hand, I managed to transfer the tarantula into its new enclosure without any hiccups.

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Overall, rehousing the ANGRIEST tarantula in my collection was a thrilling experience that showcased both the challenges and rewards of caring for these unique arachnids. Providing them with suitable environments is essential to their well-being and allows us to witness their fascinating behaviors up close.


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