In the amusing encounter that unfolded on the balcony, a mischievous monkey appeared out of nowhere, captivating their attention and sparking a mix of surprise, amusement, and curiosity. With a startled glance, they tried to comprehend the unexpected visitor who had decided to grace their humble abode. Let’s delve into this whimsical tale and explore the delightful escapade with the surprise monkey as they explored the uncharted territory of their balcony.


Have you ever received a surprising call from a neighbor about an unexpected visitor on your balcony? Well, that’s exactly what happened to a person who goes by the name Exotics Lair. In this exciting video titled “THERE’S A MONKEY IN MY BALCONY!!! 🐒 #shorts,” Exotics Lair shares their unexpected encounter with a monkey that took their balcony as its temporary abode. Let’s dive into this unusual and thrilling experience.

The Neighbor’s Surprising Call

One day, Exotics Lair received an out-of-the-blue call from their neighbor, who was quite alarmed by the sight of a monkey sitting on Exotics Lair’s balcony. Concerned about this unexpected guest, the neighbor quickly snapped a picture and sent it over to Exotics Lair, who was in for a surprise.

The Search for the Unseen Monkey

At first, when Exotics Lair hurriedly rushed to the balcony, they couldn’t spot the monkey anywhere. However, with a closer and more patient look, the mischievous primate eventually revealed itself. There it was, perched on the railing, enjoying snacks from a bowl of delicious fruits.

The Joy of Observation

Exotics Lair couldn’t help but be fascinated by the antics of the monkey. As they watched, another monkey appeared, this time in their home’s gym room. The two monkeys seemed to be an adventurous duo, bouncing around with seemingly boundless energy. Their intriguing acrobatics and playful nature provided endless entertainment for Exotics Lair and their audience.

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An Uncertain Species

Despite their love for exotic animals, Exotics Lair found themselves unsure about the exact species of the monkeys. It was challenging to identify them accurately, especially given the vast diversity of monkey species. However, the allure of the encounter wasn’t diminished – if anything, it only added to the mysterious charm of these unexpected guests.

Goodbye to One Monkey

After a while, one of the monkeys decided it was time to bid farewell to the cozy balcony and ventured off into the great outdoors. But the memories of this astounding encounter will surely last a lifetime for Exotics Lair and anyone who witnessed the video.


Exotics Lair’s unexpected visitor brought a moment of excitement and wonder into their life. The presence of monkeys on the balcony and in the gym room added a touch of the wild to the otherwise ordinary day. This encounter with nature’s captivating creatures reminds us of the beauty that can be found even in the most unexpected places.


  1. How did Exotics Lair find out about the monkey on their balcony?
    Exotics Lair received a surprising call from their neighbor, who informed them about the monkey’s presence.

  2. Did Exotics Lair manage to see the monkey immediately?
    No, it took some time for Exotics Lair to spot the monkey on their balcony.

  3. What were the monkeys doing on the balcony and in the gym room?
    The monkeys were jumping around, eating fruits, and displaying playful behavior.

  4. Did Exotics Lair identify the species of the monkeys?
    Exotics Lair was unsure about the exact species of the monkeys given the wide variety of monkey species.

  5. Did both monkeys leave eventually?
    No, one of the monkeys decided to leave while the other stayed behind for a little longer.

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