This is ILLEGAL – STOP doing it!.. brown boxing, importing spiders and more with Frank Somma

Frank Somma is a fervent advocate against illegal practices that put our environment and society at risk. In his relentless efforts to raise awareness about the harmful implications of brown boxing, spider importing, and other similar activities, he urges individuals to refrain from engaging in such actions. By shedding light on these illegal practices, Frank Somma hopes to encourage responsible behavior and ensure a safer and more sustainable future for all.


In the fascinating world of tarantulas, enthusiasts are continually amazed by the breathtaking diversity these creatures offer. However, as with any hobby, there are certain practices that should be strictly avoided. In this review, we delve into a highly informative video created by tarantula expert Frank Somma, shedding light on illegal practices such as brown boxing and the illegal importation of spiders. From caring for Hyllus babies to understanding the ramifications of engaging in these activities, every aspect will be covered. Let’s dive in!

The Hyllus babies are progressing well

The video begins on a positive note as Frank showcases the progress the Hyllus babies are making. It is evident that their growth has been carefully monitored, as they appear healthy and vibrant. This serves as a reminder of the importance of diligent care when dealing with these exotic creatures.

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Mist and feed the babies regularly

Frank emphasizes the significance of providing proper nourishment for the baby tarantulas. Mist and feeding routines play a crucial role in their development. By adhering to this regimen, enthusiasts can ensure the babies receive the essential nutrients they need to grow.

The babies are kept under a heat lamp for optimal growth

Maintaining the ideal temperature is a vital aspect of tarantula care, particularly during crucial growth stages. Frank reveals that the Hyllus babies are kept under a heat lamp to simulate their natural habitat. This method aids optimal growth and provides a healthy environment for the tarantulas.

Brown boxing: a common problem in the invert hobby

Turning our attention to a concerning issue within the tarantula community, the video addresses “brown boxing.” This term refers to the illegal practice of importing spiders at low prices, often without adhering to proper regulations or permits. Such activities not only pose a serious threat to the ecosystem but can also have dire consequences for the buyer.

Ordering spiders through brown boxing is illegal and can get the buyer in trouble

Frank emphasizes that individuals should refrain from engaging in brown boxing. There are legal and ethical repercussions associated with this practice. It is crucial to understand that illegal importation can lead to serious consequences, both legally and ethically.

Suspicious vendors selling rare species may be involved in brown boxing

To further elucidate the dangers of brown boxing, Frank highlights that suspicious vendors are often associated with selling rare species obtained through illegal means. This raises red flags within the tarantula community, as legal importers have close-knit networks and have established a trustworthy reputation over time.

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Legal importers in the community know each other, making suspicious vendors stand out

The video sheds light on the strong bonds formed within the legal importing community. Legal importers have cultivated reliable connections and familiarity with one another. This network helps identify suspicious vendors who may be involved in brown boxing. By being vigilant and supporting legal importers, enthusiasts can help eradicate such harmful practices.

As seen in Frank Somma’s video, it is evident that tarantula enthusiasts need to prioritize responsible tarantula care and refrain from engaging in illegal practices. By adhering to legal importation methods and supporting trustworthy vendors, we can partake in this captivating hobby while ensuring the preservation and well-being of these remarkable creatures.

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