This OLD LADY gets an UPGRADE!.. Jumping Spider Enclosure Build & FESTIVE Decor/hide UNBOXING!

In this blog post, a remarkable transformation unfolds as an elderly woman embarks on an incredible journey to upgrade her living space. Follow along as she unveils her newly constructed jumping spider enclosure, complete with festive decorations and a captivating unboxing of hidden treasures. Join her on this thrilling adventure as she dives into the world of arachnids, embracing change and inviting joy into her surroundings.


In this article, we will be reviewing a fascinating video created by tarantula kat. The video showcases a heartwarming and festive upgrade to an old lady’s enclosure. We will delve into the details of the video, highlighting the various aspects and providing insights into the content creator’s social media presence and affiliations. Join us as we explore the world of tarantula kat and the delightful creation depicted in this video.

An Old Lady Gets an Upgrade

In this captivating video, tarantula kat unveils an exciting project of rehousing an old lady, affectionately referring to the jumping spider as such. The video begins by introducing the current enclosure of the old lady, showing its simplistic and functional design. However, tarantula kat has something special planned to enhance the old lady’s environment for the upcoming festive season.

To match the joyful vibe of the season, tarantula kat embarks on redecorating the enclosure with festive elements. The video takes viewers through the entire process, displaying tarantula kat’s creativity and attention to detail. The old lady’s new enclosure features colorful ornaments, decorative hiding spots, and various festive accents, creating a visually appealing and stimulating environment.

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Affiliate Codes and Discounts

Throughout the video, tarantula kat mentions two affiliates that offer discounts to viewers. Gummy House, an online store specializing in unique arachnid-related merchandise, generously provides a discount using the affiliate code KAT10. Additionally, Tarantula Cribs Enclosures, a reputable provider of tarantula enclosures, also extends a 10% discount with the affiliate code KAT10. Viewers can avail of these discounts to enhance their own spider-keeping experiences.

Tarantula kat’s Social Media Presence

Tarantula kat is an active content creator across various social media platforms. Viewers who wish to engage further can connect with tarantula kat on Patreon, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Fourthwall. These platforms offer a comprehensive experience, showcasing tarantula kat’s diverse content and providing opportunities for deeper interactions with the creator and the community.

Business Inquiries and Affiliations

For those interested in collaborating or inquiring about business opportunities, tarantula kat can be contacted through the provided channels. The content creator’s engagement in various affiliate programs also allows viewers to support tarantula kat by making purchases through affiliate links. Notable affiliates include Custom Reptile Habitats, where high-quality habitats for a range of pets can be purchased, and Zen Habitats, offering innovative enclosure solutions.

A Personal Touch with Cuddle Clones

Tarantula kat introduces viewers to the concept of Cuddle Clones in the video. These custom-made plush toys replicate the likeness of a beloved pet. Through an affiliate link, viewers can purchase a Cuddle Clone of their own cherished companion, adding a personal touch to their living spaces.

The Both World Tarantulas Podcast

In addition to the video content, tarantula kat hosts a podcast called “The Both World Tarantulas.” This podcast delves deeper into the world of keeping tarantulas as pets, offering valuable insights and discussions. Interested listeners can find the podcast on Apple Music or Spotify, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of tarantula-related topics.



Tarantula kat’s video showcasing the upgrade of the old lady’s enclosure is a delightful and heartwarming experience. The creativity, attention to detail, and festive vibe captured in the video captivate viewers, leaving them eager to explore more of tarantula kat’s content. With extensive social media presence, engaging affiliates, and opportunities for business inquiries, tarantula kat proves to be a versatile and knowledgeable content creator in the world of tarantula keeping.

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