This proves TARANTULAs HATE sunlight ..

Do you ever wonder why TARANTULAs despise sunlight? In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating reasons behind their aversion to the sun and shed light on this intriguing behavior. So, grab your curiosity and join us as we explore the dark corners of the TARANTULA’s world.


If you are a tarantula enthusiast or simply intrigued by these fascinating creatures, you may be surprised to learn that tarantulas actually dislike sunlight. In fact, they are nocturnal animals that thrive in darkness. In this article, we will explore why tarantulas hate sunlight and the reasons behind their preference for darkness. You will also learn about the rehousing process of Pink Zebra Beauty tarantulas into custom-made enclosures, as well as some helpful resources where you can further indulge in your love for these remarkable arachnids.

Rehousing Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula into Custom-made Enclosure

When it comes to keeping tarantulas as pets, providing them with a suitable habitat is crucial. This includes rehousing them into appropriately sized enclosures that mimic their natural environment. Pink Zebra Beauty tarantulas, known for their stunning coloration, require custom-made enclosures to ensure their well-being and comfort. These enclosures should be spacious enough for the tarantula to move around and contain ample hiding spots for them to retreat to when they feel threatened.

Tarantulas Dislike Light and Are Nocturnal Animals

One of the primary reasons tarantulas hate sunlight is because they are nocturnal animals. Unlike diurnal creatures that are active during the day, tarantulas are more active at night. They have adapted to their dark, underground habitats, where they hunt for prey and seek shelter. Sunlight can be overwhelming for them, as their eyes are not designed to handle bright light. Additionally, exposure to direct sunlight can cause stress and potentially harm their sensitive exoskeletons.

Video Made for Educational and Entertainment Purposes Only

If you are eager to witness the intricate behaviors of tarantulas and learn more about them, you can find a wealth of educational and entertaining videos online. One such resource is the Xotics Lair, a popular YouTube channel that specializes in exotic pets, including tarantulas. The videos on this channel offer a unique glimpse into the world of these eight-legged wonders, showcasing their natural habits and providing insights into their care.

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  1. Why do tarantulas hate sunlight?
    Tarantulas hate sunlight because they are nocturnal animals and have adapted to dark habitats. Sunlight can be overwhelming and cause stress to their sensitive exoskeletons.

  2. How should I rehouse my Pink Zebra Beauty tarantula?
    Rehousing Pink Zebra Beauty tarantulas requires custom-made enclosures that mimic their natural environment. These enclosures should be spacious and offer hiding spots for their comfort.

  3. Are tarantulas dangerous?
    While some tarantula species possess venom, most are relatively harmless to humans. However, it is essential to handle tarantulas with care and avoid unnecessary risks.

  4. Can I keep a tarantula as a pet if I am afraid of spiders?
    It is not advisable to keep a tarantula as a pet if you have arachnophobia or an intense fear of spiders. Owning a tarantula requires comfort and knowledge of their behaviors.

  5. Are there other resources to learn about tarantulas?
    Yes, besides Xotics Lair, there are numerous other websites, books, and online communities dedicated to tarantula care and education. These resources can provide further insights and support for tarantula enthusiasts like yourself.


Tarantulas hate sunlight due to their nocturnal nature and adaptations to dark habitats. Properly rehousing Pink Zebra Beauty tarantulas into custom-made enclosures is crucial for their well-being. Xotics Lair, a YouTube channel, offers educational and entertaining videos showcasing the world of tarantulas. Social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, provide platforms for tarantula enthusiasts to connect and share their passion. Music by The Whole Other enhances the viewing experience, adding depth to the captivating videos. By understanding and respecting tarantulas’ preferences, we can ensure their health and happiness as we continue to appreciate these remarkable creatures.