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Settle into the weekend with THREE FULL EPISODES from The Spectacular Spider-Man! And not just any episodes… the BEST episodes of the series!
Don’t agree with our ranking? Let us know which episodes are your favorite in the comments below! 👇

00:00 Season 1 Episode 12 ‘Intervention’. With Aunt May in the hospital and his friendship with Eddie Brock ruined, Peter finally gains enough self-awareness to realize the alien symbiote is starting to affect his personality. The struggle between Peter and the symbiote evolves into a war within Peter’s own mind, where Peter is aided by Uncle Ben.

23:00 Season 2 Episode 13 ‘Final Curtain’. Peter breaks up with Liz Allan to finally be with Gwen Stacy. But when the Green Goblin, now the new Big Man, attempts to destroy Spider-Man once and for all, Spider-Man attempts to survive a city-wide fight with him, before he and Harry learn the Goblin’s true identity and Norman Osborn’s true colors.

45:05 Season 1 Episode 13 ‘Nature vs. Nurture’. As Aunt May is released from the hospital, Eddie Brock, (now transformed into the vicious Venom) sets his sights on Peter Parker and Spider-Man, as well as his loved ones, including Aunt May, after learning Peter is Spider-Man.

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It’s been a tough week for Peter Parker. His two best friends are mad at him, Aunt May is behind on the bills and Flash Thompson is still bullying him at school. It hasn’t been a cakewalk for Spider-man either. But with great power comes great responsibility and Peter Parker wouldn’t have it any other way.

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TOP 3 Spider-man Episodes | The Spectacular Spider-man | Throwback Toons s

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