Top 5 BIGGEST Spiders I’ve EVER SEEN!

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Regal Jumping Spider –

Golden Silk Spider –

Giant Wolf Spider –

Dark Fishing Spider –

Texas Brown Tarantula –


Here at MyWildBackyard we investigate the secrets of the natural world- secrets that can be hidden in our very own backyards! I want to share the incredible world of insects, spiders and other wildlife with you and inspire you to explore your curiosity. Get out there, and find your adventure!

For those who read the description- we’ve updated the channel! I’m working on adding more features to videos to better expand our conversations about the secrets we find in the natural world! Introducing the Creature Tier System! There are four rankings:
1. Staple – These are the lowest tier creatures. They are the most common species in a given habitat, and while they’re not boring, they’re really only exciting when you’re exploring a new habitat and you haven’t seen them before. Not something to write home about.
2. Neat – These are a step up from Staple. They don’t make your entire day, but they are worth taking a closer look at when found. Definitely can be exciting to have a productive day finding many Neat species.
3. Wild – These are exciting to find. Whether they have interesting defensive features that offer a nice challenge in the field, are particularly cool looking, or maybe a little bit rare, Wild species aren’t necessarily the MOST memorable of encounters, but they definitely make your day when you see them. An adventure featuring many Wild species will truly be memorable.
4. Gem – These are special. Usually involving extremely interesting biology and significant rarity, Gem species are animals that you really do not see every day. These species can make your whole adventure, and will be very memorable.

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