UNBOXING a VENOMOUS *WHITE* Black Widow (yes a BLACK WIDOW that is WHITE) panther mantis & MORE!

Unveiling the captivating world of exotic creatures, they embark on a thrilling journey of unboxing a venomous *white* Black Widow, a Panther Mantis, and more.


In a world filled with content creators showcasing their pet collections, tarantula kat stands out with their recent video unboxing various inverts from Ty Dye Exotics. The video captures the thrill and excitement of receiving a package filled with unique and fascinating creatures. Let’s dive into the unboxing experience and explore the world of these captivating invertebrates.

Unboxing the Venomous Delights: A Closer Look

As the video begins, viewers are immediately drawn into the anticipation of what lies inside the carefully sealed box. With each delicate movement, tarantula kat unveils a world of mysterious creatures waiting to be introduced to their new home.

The Sent Inverts:

  • Spider beetles
  • Panther mantis
  • Tarantula
  • White widow

The Favorite Species: Arizona Blonde Tarantula

In the midst of the varied selection, tarantula kat expresses a particular fondness for the Arizona blonde tarantula. The unique characteristics and captivating nature of this species add an extra layer of excitement to the unboxing experience.

Embracing Customizable Enclosures and Habitats

One highlight of the unboxing video is the availability of enclosures and custom habitats from Ty Dye Exotics. Viewers are not only treated to the sight of intriguing inverts but also get a glimpse of the diverse options for keeping these creatures safe and comfortable.


Setting Up the New Critters: A Delightful Challenge

As the video progresses, tarantula kat delves into the process of keeping and setting up the received inverts. Detailed discussions on the specific requirements of each species highlight the dedication and care involved in creating a suitable environment for the new additions to the collection.

Enclosures Assembled for Mantis:

  • Customizable options for personalization
  • Ensuring adequate space and ventilation for the mantis to thrive


In conclusion, tarantula kat’s unboxing video offers viewers a glimpse into the world of exotic invertebrates. From the thrill of uncovering new critters to the careful consideration of their habitats, the video captures the essence of passion and fascination that drives enthusiasts to explore the unique realm of these creatures.


  1. Can I use the affiliate code KAT10 for a discount on purchases from Ty Dye Exotics?

    • Yes, the affiliate code KAT10 provides a 10% discount on products from Ty Dye Exotics.
  2. Are custom enclosures available for specific invertebrate species?

    • Yes, Ty Dye Exotics offers customizable enclosures tailored to the specific needs of various invertebrates.
  3. What makes the Arizona blonde tarantula a favorite species among enthusiasts?

    • The Arizona blonde tarantula is favored for its striking appearance and intriguing behavior patterns.
  4. How can viewers ensure the well-being of their mantis in the assembled enclosures?

    • By providing adequate space, proper ventilation, and suitable habitat features, viewers can create a conducive environment for their mantis to thrive.
  5. Are there additional benefits to receiving sponsored critters from Ty Dye Exotics?

    • Apart from the excitement of unboxing new creatures, sponsored critters come with the assurance of quality care and support from Ty Dye Exotics.
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