WATERING my TARANTULAS “(Part 1 to 10)” !!! #throwback ALL EPISODES ..

Welcome to the thrilling world of tarantula care and watering! In this series of blog posts, I will guide you through the fascinating journey of nurturing these incredible creatures. Whether you already own tarantulas or are considering becoming a proud tarantula parent, this blog series is your ultimate go-to resource. Get ready to dive into the captivating episodes of watering my tarantulas and discover essential tips and tricks to ensure their well-being. Are you ready to embark on this thrilling adventure? Let’s begin exploring the wonderful world of tarantula watering together!

WATERING my TARANTULAS “(Part 1 to 10)” !!! #throwback ALL EPISODES ..


If you’re a fan of unique and exotic pets, then you’re in for a treat! Join us as we embark on an educational and entertaining journey with Exotics Lair in their video series titled “Watering my Tarantulas”. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into all the gripping episodes and highlight the fascinating aspects of each installment. So, grab your seat and get ready to explore the world of tarantulas like never before!

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Episode 1: Pioneering the Journey

In the inaugural episode of “Watering my Tarantulas”, Exotics Lair takes us on a thrilling adventure through their extensive collection of these awe-inspiring creatures. As you watch, you’ll find yourself immersed in the intricate process of replacing water dishes for each tarantula. This essential task ensures the hydration and well-being of these fascinating arachnids.

Episode 2: Unraveling Aggressive Behavior

In the second episode, Exotics Lair sheds light on the complex nature of tarantulas. Some of these magnificent creatures exhibit aggressive behavior, which adds an extra layer of excitement and intrigue to the video series. Through their expert narration, you’ll gain new insights into the unique personalities of individual tarantulas and learn about their specific behavioral traits.

Episode 3: Battling Mold Issues

Venturing further into the captivating world of tarantulas, Exotics Lair addresses an important concern—mold. Mold can be a significant challenge when it comes to maintaining the optimal environment for these incredible creatures. By showcasing different enclosures and sharing valuable tips and tricks, Exotics Lair guides viewers on effectively dealing with mold issues.

Episode 4: A Showcase of Diversity

As the video series progresses, Exotics Lair introduces us to a wide array of tarantula species. From the famous Goliath bird-eater to the vibrant Brazilian red and white, each installment showcases the unique characteristics and beauty of these stunning creatures. You’ll be captivated by the diverse range of colors, patterns, and sizes that tarantulas come in.

Episode 5: Behind the Scenes of Tarantula Care

Delving deeper into the art of tarantula care, Exotics Lair offers viewers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their daily routine. With clear instructions and helpful demonstrations, you’ll learn how to provide your tarantulas with the best possible care. From feeding to temperature control, this episode covers all the essential aspects of responsible tarantula ownership.

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Episode 6: Tarantula Feeding Madness

Prepare to be amazed as Exotics Lair presents an episode dedicated to the thrilling spectacle of tarantula feeding. You’ll witness the incredible hunting skills of these creatures as they swiftly capture and devour their prey. The video captures the raw power and primal instinct of tarantulas, giving you a unique perspective on their feeding habits.

Episode 7: Curious Tarantula Encounters

In episode 7, Exotics Lair shares their intriguing experiences with tarantulas that showcase their curious and inquisitive nature. Witnessing these encounters will give you a deeper understanding of the complex world of tarantulas and the interactions they have with their environment. Get ready for heartwarming and amusing moments that will leave you smiling!

Episode 8: The Beauty of Documentary-Style Filming

Exotics Lair’s documentary-style filming adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the video series. The attention to detail and high production quality make each episode visually stunning, transforming the viewer’s experience into an immersive adventure. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself completely engrossed in the captivating visuals presented throughout the series.

Episode 9: Unveiling the Tarantula Kingdom

In this episode, Exotics Lair takes us on a journey through their magnificent tarantula kingdom. From expertly designed enclosures to the mesmerizing beauty of various species, you’ll be left in awe of the vast world that these creatures inhabit. This installment is a testament to the dedication and passion that Exotics Lair brings to the care and conservation of these incredible arachnids.

Episode 10: The Grand Finale

As we reach the final episode, Exotics Lair concludes the “Watering my Tarantulas” series with a bang. They wrap up this extraordinary journey by showcasing the highlights, heartwarming moments, and educational insights that each episode brought to the audience. The grand finale leaves you with a deep appreciation for the beauty and complexity of tarantulas and the unique bond that Exotics Lair shares with these creatures.

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“Watering my Tarantulas” is an exceptional video series that seamlessly combines education and entertainment. Exotics Lair’s passion for tarantulas shines through in each episode, as they take us on a captivating adventure through the intriguing world of these exotic creatures. From replacing water dishes to showcasing diverse tarantula species, the series offers valuable insights into responsible tarantula ownership.

FAQs After The Conclusion

1. Where can I watch the compilation of all episodes of “Watering my Tarantulas”?

You can watch the entire compilation of “Watering my Tarantulas” on the YouTube channel “BeyondtheLair.” Dive into the fascinating world of tarantulas and enjoy this incredible journey!

2. Can I get exclusive merchandise from Exotics Lair?

Yes, you can! Exotics Lair offers exclusive merch on their Teespring store. Show your love for tarantulas and support their channel with unique and stylish apparel.

3. Is the video series purely for educational purposes?

Indeed! “Watering my Tarantulas” is made for educational and entertainment purposes. Exotics Lair aims to provide viewers with valuable information about tarantulas while creating an enjoyable visual experience.

4. Where can I follow Exotics Lair on social media?

You can follow Exotics Lair on Facebook (@XoticsLair), Instagram (@exoticslair, @exoticslair_gallery), Twitter (@ExoticsLair), TikTok (@exotics.lair), and Patreon (Exotics Lair). Stay connected and stay updated with their latest tarantula adventures.

5. What issues are addressed in the video series?

The video series addresses various topics, including the replacement of water dishes, aggressive behavior in tarantulas, mold issues in enclosures, and the showcasing of different tarantula species. Exotics Lair offers valuable insights and tips on handling these matters effectively.

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